Johnny Nasello Yoga is coming to an end.


Basically, I’m tired of selling things and the constant marketing that is required to live as a yoga teacher. Selling things online is not the reason that I started teaching, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m going to step back, practice for myself, and find another way for now to make my living. I’ve written a blog post on the subject if you’d like to know more.

Johnny and Ali are the dynamic teaching duo of Johnny Nasello Yoga, leading teacher trainings since 2016, with graduates from 40+ countries.

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Johnny Nasello Yoga

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Yoga Teacher Programs

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

The programs of Johnny Nasello Yoga are designed to help yoga teachers and wellness professionals to teach with excellence, and integrate yogic teachings into every day life.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Learn how to teach Yoga Nidra effectively with this personalized teacher training!

Meditation Facilitator

Master the art of guiding meditations. Start leading with confidence, clarity, and ease

Learn Pranayama Online - 76 Essential Breathing Techniques

76 Pranayama Techniques to practice and teach to your students.


Develop skills that set you apart in a crowded field and display your qualified expertise with confidence.


Deepen your knowledge and integrate yogic teachings into daily life and your teaching curriculum.


Cultivate your unique style to bring your personality authentically to classes, workshops, and teaching.

Set Yourself Apart

Connect with Your Students in Unique and Exceptional Ways

September 18 to October 16, 2022
Sicily, Italy

September 18 to October 16, 2022
Sicily, Italy

Features of Our Teaching

Why Study With Us?

Our programs focus on yoga teachers and aspiring teachers who want to bring professionalism to their style of teaching.

We live a “Yogic” lifestyle, yet are very grounded in the real world. We will help you relate to the ancient teachings in a way that is accessible, applicable, and modern.

Experienced Teacher Trainers

Our curriculum has been time proven in more than 20 teacher trainings to students from over 40 different countries.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Take our online courses at your convenience, or choose coaching times in US & European time zones.

Continuing Education Certification

Johnny's online course and coaching programs are eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credit.

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Trusted by teachers and students from over 40 countries

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“Johnny is a teacher with a wide knowledge in Yoga. You will learn about Yoga techniques and philosophy, the psychology behind being a teacher and how to truly connect with students. I have a set of skills that make me feel confident and empowered.”
Natalia C. from Portugal
“I did a 12 week guided Meditation facilitator program with Ali. I have learned so many new things and background information about meditation. My own practice became so much deeper and things make much more sense now.”
Sven H. from Germany
“Whether your motivation is personal development or to become a Yoga Teacher, Johnny Nasello's yoga is worth the energy, and financial investment. Your perspective of yoga will drastically change - in your practice, and how you live your life.”
Eddy P. from Canada
“Ali has a presence about her that makes you feel comfortable and safe. She is not only knowledgeable in Ayurveda and wellness, but her love for it shines bright. She is extremely passionate, and it inspires me to continue my path.”
Jessica W. from USA
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Tuscany, Italy Retreat January 31