"Live" In-Person 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Albania

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200 Hour Alignment Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Alignment Yoga Teacher Training

Dive Deep Into Practice & Teaching

Become a highly skilled & qualified teacher.

Due to the difficulties and uncertainties of global travel, this course is not currently offered.

Please contact us if you would like to express interest in our 200 Hour Training.

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This Alignment based Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification will allow you to teach globally. Under professional guidance, you will learn the theory and practice of yoga, the art of teaching, yoga philosophy, and much more!

Live In-Person 200 Hour Teacher Training In Europe

  • Established Curriculum

    Our instructors have offered this course over 20 times. The course content is refined for your optimal learning experience.

  • 40+ Countries

    Students from over 40 countries have completed this course. All graduates are added to our global network of peers.

  • Highly Rated

    Our reviews verify that this course delivers on a high quality education experience. You will graduate well-trained for what comes next!

  • Time Proven
  • Skillful
  • Life
Time Proven Program

I Will

Walk the path of yoga.

Time Proven Program

This 200 hour program has been offered over 20 times, and refined to expertly weave Eastern philosophy with modern applications of the physical practice. This course is all encompassing, and in addition to becoming a Yoga Teacher, you will also develop a set of life skills for skillful living.

Skillful Sequencing

I See

That Everything Is Connected!

Skillful Sequencing

We’ll explore anatomy, principles of movement, energy, and philosophy to give you the tools to develop amazing sequences. You’ll learn a system for organizing poses and patterns of movement that will set your students up for success. The methodology of instruction that you’ll develop can be applied to all styles and teaching modalities.

Life Changing

I Know

That I Am Part of Something Great!

Life Changing

Teaching yoga is about connecting with ourselves on a deep fundamental level, and then bringing that authenticity into all of our relationships. This sense of connection will impact your life in a profound way. You will discover personal growth, and fully step into the power of being You! 

Our Experienced Team

Our expert instructors have taught on 3 continents, numerous countries, and have unparalleled experienced in teaching professional, thorough, and well structured courses.

You will have direct access to instructors who are passionate about yoga, live a yogic lifestyle, and have direct experience teaching at every stage of development: Drop-In Classes, Privates, Workshops, Retreats, Teacher Trainings, Studio Management/Ownership. You will learn directly from someone who has been where you want to go.

  • Johnny Nasello
  • Ali Choi
  • Elena Tonelli

Lead Instructor – Johnny Nasello
Born in the United States, Johnny Nasello is an e-500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer. He specializes in alignment based yoga, and has a vast experience working with different body types, abilities, and ranges of motion. He is known for precise instruction techniques, and relating larger concepts of yoga with practical inner guidance.

Johnny has been the lead instructor of over 20 teacher trainings, and has graduated students from over 40 different countries. 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher – Ali Choi
Ali is a certified Ayurveda therapist, 500 hour registered yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and a holistic healing practitioner.

Ali was born in South Korea and grew up in Los Angeles, California where she attained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After entering the corporate work sector, she soon realized that her life’s path needed to take a different turn, which eventually led her to the world of yoga & wellness. She has trained in the United States and Thailand in various healing modalities over the years and has studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India.

She leads meditation classes, Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle counseling, Chi-Nei-Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Tok-Sen (Traditional Thai Healing Therapy), Cupping Therapy, and Reiki.

Her main focus is to help people connect to their inner potential to live a full and vital life in all aspects of being – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Ali Choi

Assistant Instructor – Elena Tonelli
Born in Italy, Elena Tonelli is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, who previously completed Johnny Nasello’s Alignment 200 Hour Teacher Training in Thailand.

She has previously assisted Johnny and Ali in other trainings and she is prepared to teach energizing vinyasa style classes, restorative & gentle yoga, peak pose sequences, specific body parts focus practice, guided pranayama, and meditation.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum

In this training, you will develop the skills to teach yoga to others. You will study the form and function of asana (yoga poses), the foundations of pranayama (breath work), and the basics of meditation. Plus, yoga theory & practice, yoga history & philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and yoga teacher ethics & boundaries.

  • How to teach a yoga pose
  • Proper alignment
  • Anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga
  • Purpose and use of props
  • Observing and understanding bodies
  • When and how to modify yoga poses
  • How or whether to touch students and when to use adjustments
  • Restorative poses
  • How to skillfully sequence a class
  • Practice Teaching
  • General history of Yoga
  • Yoga Texts: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Light on Yoga
  • Bandhas integration (muscular contractions)
  • How to teach headstand and shoulderstand
  • Arm balance progressions
  • Find your inner teaching voice (your uniqueness)
  • Learn the three main teaching methods: verbal (audio), visual, and physical (kinetic)
  • The business of Yoga: how to market yourself in the yoga community
  • Vinyasa flow and hatha techniques


In addition to the amazing training, our students will receive the following perks in this Yoga Teacher Training:

Extensive Training Manual

Our training manual is 150+ pages of full color and packed with details and reference material that you will revisit throughout your career. Plus, we give our graduates lifetime access to updated PDF editions.

Alumni Discounts

As an alumni, you'll receive exclusive discounts on our online courses. Some courses include Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit. You'll receive discounts and first offer enrollment in annual retreats.

Location & Accommodation

A Destination / Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

Saranda, Albania

You might also see it spelled as Sarandë

A small coastal town along the Ionian Sea, and the Straights of Corfu. About 40 minutes north of the border of Greece.

See Map

Sarandë is a resort town on the Albanian Riviera, in southern Albania. Sandwiched between the Ionian Sea and hills of olive groves. In the center are the archaeological remains of a 5th-century synagogue, later an early Christian basilica. Intricate floor mosaics are still evident. The 16th-century Lëkurësi Castle is on a hilltop above the town.

Neighboring Countries:

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • North Macedonia
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro

Living with Covid-19 may be the new norm. While we cannot make any guarantees about our safety in regards to covid transmission, these are the steps that we will follow to increase our protection:

  1. *Students are encouraged to arrive at least a week early and self quarantine.
  2. Hand cleaners and alcohol based sanitizers will be provided throughout the course.
  3. Students are encouraged to bring their own mats, but if you cannot travel with a mat one will be provided for ONLY your use during the training.
  4. No touching, and one meter social distancing will be maintained as much as possible during the first week of the course.
  5. Room cleaning will be the responsibility of the student in order to limit our interactions with support staff. All reserved rooms come with their own washing machine.
  6. Two daily meals will be included during course days, and served by the same provider throughout the course in order to limit our interactions with support staff.
  7. All reserved accommodations are in one location in order to limit our exposure to the area at large.
  8. **Excursions into the country side are encouraged on your days off rather than exploring the city. 

*We are happy to assist you in finding accommodation prior to the training if you wish to arrive early. We can also refer you to a trusted rental agent.

**There is a lot of nature nearby if you wish to get out and explore: hiking, beaches, hillsides, ancient ruins. This will be safer than getting out into the city. However, Saranda is not heavily populated.

This is outside of peak tourist times, and locations around the training will likely not be crowded during this training.

Price: $2,902 USD

Includes the Course, this accommodation option, 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.


Double bed in the shared living space of an apartment with modern furnishing.

The property is next to the central road, from where you can take the local bus to go to Ksamil or Butrinti.

From the Saranda city center it is around 15 minutes walking distance.

*We have 3 rooms that meet this description. Photos may not be exact, but will be similar.


Price: $3,014 USD

Includes the Course, this accommodation option, 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.


Fully equipped with modern furnishing and stylish design.

Located on the first line just in front of the seashore. Spacious balcony with side sea view

The property is next to the central road, from where you can take the local bus to go to Ksamil or Butrinti.

From the Saranda city center it is around 15 minutes walking distance.

*We have 3 rooms that meet this description. Photos may not be exact, but will be similar.


Price: $3,070 USD

Includes the Course, this accommodation option, 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.


Two private bedrooms, and two bathrooms with a huge living room with a dining area.

From the balcony you have a full view of the city and the sea, expanding to the Greek island of Corfu.

The property is next to the central road, from where you can take the local bus to go to Ksamil or Butrinti.

From the Saranda city center it is around 15 minutes walking distance.


Price: $3,126 USD

Includes the Course, this accommodation option, 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.


Studio apartment with all the equipment in the interior and modern furnishing.

The apartment is on the 2nd floor from the ground and has side sea view.

The property is next to the central road, from where you can take the local bus to go to Ksamil or Butrinti.

From the Saranda city center it is around 15 minutes walking distance.


Price: $3,182 USD

Includes the Course, this accommodation option, 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.


One bedroom apartment, with a living room, a balcony with sea view and view of Corfu Greece.

In its interior you find all the necessary devices and furniture, making your stay more comfortable.

The property is next to the central road, from where you can take the local bus to go to Ksamil or Butrinti.

From the Saranda city center it is around 15 minutes walking distance.


Price: $2,650 USD

Includes the Course, No Accommodation option (you manage your own), 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days, and training manual.

A Deposit of $350 Will

The entire deposit amount is refundable IF the training is cancelled due to Covid-19.

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Trainees may register with Yoga Alliance at its RYT-200 level upon successful completion of this training.

We ensure the quality of our yoga teacher training program by providing personalized guidance with the lead teacher to a small group of students.

Yoga Alliance Accredited

You will want to double check with your country’s embassy and consulate services.

Updated October 2020 – Albania’s borders are open, including to US travelers.

Holders of passports (or in certain cases ID cards) of the following 86 jurisdictions can enter Albania without a visa for a maximum stay of 90 days.

European Union All European Union citizens
Antigua and Barbuda
Belarus (30 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Hong Kong
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
San Marino
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Vatican City

Make your way to Tirana, the capitol of Albania. From there, you can find daily buses to Saranda for about 15 Euro or private taxis around 150 Euro. Saranda is about a 5 hour drive from Tirana.

Helpful Links:

Travel Off Path is an extremely helpful website with up-to-date travel information, and an accompanying Facebook Group that will help you get to your destination.

Anita Hendriks is a travel blogger based in Albania, and she has all the information you’ll need to help find your way to Saranda.

World Nomads, Albania Travel Alerts and Warnings

Cash in the form of the Lek is the most convenient form of currency in Albania. Most places also accept Euro.

ATMs and currency exchangers are easily accessible in most areas.

  • 2 Meals per Day Included
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Filtered Drinking Water
  • Snacks and Tea


Included in your yoga teacher training are 2 vegetarian meals per day during training days. Sundays you are on your own.

  • 2 vegetarian meals per day


Daily Schedule


Get Notified When Our Courses Start Again

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up online!

*A non-refundable deposit of $350 USD is required to secure your spot.

You’re welcome to contact us first, but our shopping cart keeps track of availability. You are able to see if there are spaces remaining.

*If the training is cancelled due to Covid-19, the entire deposit amount will be refunded.

You can pay in full at any time, but the entirety of your payment is due on the first of the month, prior to the start of your training.

The scope of the training alignment, hatha and vinyasa. However, we will discuss a great many styles, and the skills and techniques that you learn in this training can be applied to anything that you teach. 

Probably, but you should contact us first so that we can speak to you about your limitations, and understand the challenges that we might face together.

The days are long, and the physical activity can be intense. You are expected to participate in the program in its entirety. It’s probably not advisable to take this course while you are pregnant. 

Our extensive teacher training manual is included in the cost of the training. You will be expected to bring the following:

  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyenger
  • Bhagavad Gita, translated by Eknath Easwaran

See details here: https://johnnynasello.com/yoga/200-hour-teacher-training-reading-list.html/

This training will have a maximum of 10 students. This size group is preferable for an optimal learning environment. You will have direct and daily contact with your teachers.

Yes! Our reserved accommodations and yoga practice space are in the same building.

We include brunch, dinner, and snacks for every training day. You’ll have Sundays off. Your room will have a kitchen if you want to cook at home, or there are local options nearby.

Yes, you have Sundays off! Go to the beach, stroll through the city, hike through the hillsides, explore some ancient ruins. It’s your day to adventure or relax.

Plan on being in training 7.5 hours each day. You will get breaks throughout the day to study, eat, and process.

No. We prefer a year of consistent yoga practice, but we are happy to introduce you to yoga. There is no need to know advanced poses such as headstand, handstand or other arm balances and inversions. It does not matter if you are not flexible.

After you complete the yoga teachers training course, you will be certified to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Yoga Alliance is the most respected and largest organization of certified yoga teachers in the world.

Our graduates can, and DO teach all over the world!

It’s preferred that you bring your own yoga mat for safety concerns. If you are unable to travel with your mat, then let us know. We will provide a mat for ONLY your use during the training.

  • *The Deposit is Non-Refundable – If a student opts to withdraw from the program at any point, the Deposit will not be refunded. We have paid for your room and are committed to hosting you. We want you to commit to arrive.
  • No refunds are offered within 30 days of the yoga teacher training program start date.
  • An emailed request for refund must be received 31 days before the start date of the YTT program.
  • Any refunds will be issued in the same format that they were received.

You may transfer amounts paid towards future trainings. See our complete Yoga Refund Policies for all of the details.

We do recommend that you obtain travel insurance. Reasons for this recommendation include:

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance – This reimburses you non-refundable travel costs if your trip is cancelled or seriously delayed due to a natural disaster, or illness.
  • Baggage and personal items coverage – If someone steals something from your bag or your luggage is lost or delayed, travel insurance will pay you for your trouble.
  • Emergency medical insurance – Just as you wouldn’t want to go without medical insurance in everyday life, when you’re traveling abroad it’s important to stay covered in case of accidents.

*NOTE: In the event that the training is cancelled for reasons beyond our control. For instance, if the country’s borders close due to Covid-19, then you will get a full refund including deposit. This is the only instance where deposits are refundable.

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