About Blerina Livoreka

Blerina Livoreka is a certified 200 hour RYT and experienced Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher, based in Kosovo. She’s been teaching yoga since 2016.

Blerina offers Yoga Programs Online, Corporate Yoga, Yoga Retreats around Kosovo, Yoga in Nature, and Private Yoga Sessions.

She completed her 200 hour training with Johnny Nasello in March 2018.

Blerina Livoreka

Yoga Teacher

Blerina on the web.

Teaching style:

Blerina enjoys teaching programs that integrate the Asana practice with the other limbs of Raja Yoga. She uses meditation practice for mind and soul integration.

Through her own journey and experience, she teaches students to find their own inner voice and purpose through yoga. She teaches how to tap into the power within and make life the best that you can by living in the present moment, living in the NOW. Together we remind each other that life isn’t supposed to be perfect, but we should make it joyful and bring the best out of every situation.

Among the many programs that Blerina Livoreka offers are:

  • Transform your Subconscious Mind and Patterns through Yoga and Meditation (4 month program, 21 Intensive days each month)
  • Beginner Yoga Classes
  • Yoga and The Seven Chakras

Blerina's Why:

Nine years ago she was struggling with anxiety and couldn’t find her way. She came across a book on autosuggestion, meditation and body scan relaxation, to release stress and beat insomnia. She started sleeping better, she was feeling better with herself, and started exploring different techniques of meditation.

This led her to yoga, which further changed her life forever. Yoga became part of her daily life, daily talks, and simply her way of living.

She found that it helped change her way of thinking, acting and behaving. It’s as if anything was now possible. 

Blerina's Motto:

I am where I need to be!

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Tuscany, Italy Retreat January 31