About Maddy Jones

Maddy Jones is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She has a second Bachelors of Arts in Communications.

Maddy is super passionate about yoga as it truly saved her life.

She used to be in a very dark place struggling with PTSD pretty bad and chronic anxiety and depression stemming from lots of trauma throughout most of her life growing up. Yoga was truly her saving grace.

On her healing journey she went through years of therapy and medication yet there still seemed to be something missing. Something critical in order for true healing to take place. Yoga is what filled that gap. By yoga, she doesn’t just mean cool yoga poses, but rather the full 8-limbed path, the philosophy and lifestyle of being a yogi.

In 2018 she traveled to Thailand to become a 200 hour RYT, specialized in Alignment Focused Hatha Vinyasa, and taught by Johnny Nasello.

This experience completely transformed her she was able to get off all medications, because she now had the tools to regulate her nervous system naturally.

A lot of healing took place from doing the work. Today, others often comment on how Maddy’s energy is magnetic and her positivity shines so brightly it helps illuminate everyone she encounters.

In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher, Maddy Jones also continued to develop her expertise through Johnny’s Learn Pranayama Online Course, and Ali Choi’s Online Meditation Facilitator Training. These courses enabled her to also be able to facilitate pranayama and meditation today!

Maddy Jones

Mindfulness Coach & Yoga Teacher

Maddy on the web.

Teaching Style:

Today Maddy runs her own business working primarily with burnt out coaches to help them get their time back, so they can relieve burn out & feel fulfilled again.

She helps her students to quiet their inner critic so that they can overcome imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs, be more mindful in their communications, improve their relationships, and live a mindful life so they can enjoy the present moment to be happy free.

Maddy's Why:

Maddy is a big believer that the darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow. She is grateful for what she has been through as it enables her to teach and help others from a deep place of understanding, empathy and compassion.

This combination of her personal experiences in trauma and healing, and her professional education and expertise in the human body, yoga and communications is what enables her to be such a powerful and unique teacher.

Maddy's Motto:

The 8-limbed path of yoga and mindfulness are the vehicle to freedom.

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