About Simmi Balser

Simmi Balser is a 500 hour RYT located in Leipzig, Germany. She specializes in Functional-Alignment Vinyasa, Yoga for Empowerment, and her own invention Dark Vinyasa Yoga (classes with heavy music, like stonerrock, metal & punk).

Simmi gives group classes at several yoga studios, offers personal yoga classes, outdoor yoga, yoga for soccer teams, online yoga, business yoga classes, workshops, and yoga retreats.

She completed her 200 hour training with Johnny Nasello in May 2018. At first she didn’t intend to teach, but after her training she moved to Leipzig and immediately found a job as a substitute teacher, followed by a permanent gig in another studio. Now, she is teaching all of the time.

She will complete her 500 hour teacher training at Spirit Yoga in Berlin in 2022.

Simmi Balser

Yoga Teacher

Simmi on the web.

Teaching style:

Simmi is a Yoga teacher with a punk rock attitude! The fun of yoga and movement is the reason why she became a yoga teacher. In addition, she has really found herself through the practice of yoga, and that has led to a great life in which she feels really cool and comfortable.

Simmi’s Why:

I want to give my students fun classes, meet them at eye level, and help them to gain more confidence in their bodies and life.

It’s my mission in life to get skeptical people to come to yoga. People who might otherwise think yoga is esoteric nonsense to teach them better.

I want to help people to find comfort and ease in their bodies, and to take the responsibility for their own health back.

Besides Yoga:

When Simmi Balser is not teaching and practicing yoga, she’s walking her dog, going to punk/HC/garage concerts, baking vegan cakes, cooking, and reading.

You might also find her jogging, at the gym, or living the vanlife as often as she can.

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