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Creating and Editing Your Profile

Every Johnny Nasello Yoga account includes a profile page where you can manage information about yourself and your account settings. It’s referred to as “My Account” from the menu bar.

How to Edit Your Profile

To edit your profile, navigate to the “Edit Account” option on the My Account page.  You can also head to your profile page by clicking here.

Edit Account

From the Edit Account section, you can update your Name, Display Name, Email Address, and Password. Next, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Edit Account

How to Upload Your Profile Picture

This site uses Gravatar to display avatars. if you already have a Gravatar account with your email for this site, then it will display on your forum posts and on your “My Account” page; it can take a few hours before the link is established the first time. https://en.gravatar.com/

What is an Avatar?
When you post, you’ll see the default avatar (picture) beside your name. You can change this to any image you wish (providing it’s decent!). Many people have a picture of themselves, or their family or anything that represents your ego or character.

Changing from the default avatar.
The site uses Gravatar. The Gravatar site stores your avatar against your email address. This allows you to have a single image that many websites can use without you needing to add it or change it on each site.

Since this site knows your email address (through your profile), this site can pick up the avatar stored with Gravatar.

If you are not already signed up with Gravatar, then follow this link to register your email address and avatar with them. This site will then pick up that avatar and display it against your post. It can take a few hours before the link is established the first time.

Confused? Don’t worry – if you’re happy with the default avatar against your name, you need to do nothing further !

Editing Your Communication Settings

You can access your communication settings, and set how you wish to be contacted by us.

Only you are able to view the information on your profile page. Only instructors are able to see what courses students are enrolled in. If you post in a Private Forum for an enrolled course, anyone who is enrolled in that particular course will be able to see your post, and then also know that you are enrolled in that course.

Navigate to the “Communication” option on the My Account page.

From the Communication section, you can update how your receive updates about products and promotions. Note: Unsubscribing from this contact permission may prohibit the receipt of emails that provide guides and tips to your course, as well as promotional emails.

It is not possible to prohibit or unsubscribe from the email “Account and order information” selection. This is related to transactional emails. For instance, if you purchase something, or we add a note to your purchase, then these types of emails are not considered marketing or promotion.

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