Has My Account Been Compromised

This article includes common explanations for mistaking that a security breach has occurred, as well as steps you can take to secure your account, if you believe it has been compromised.

Common reasons for mistaking that an account is compromised

  • I can’t login: is it possible you’ve forgotten your password? Or that you’re entering the wrong email? You can initiate a password reset by following these steps.
  • I received an email from Johnny Nasello Yoga (JNY) saying my password has been reset, but I didn’t request a password reset: as a means to help ensure the security of accounts, password resets may be initiated by JNY. When JNY initiates a password reset we send a notification from the following email address: support@johnnynasello.com
  • I can’t find my courses: could you have created more than one account by accident? This article includes troubleshooting steps you can take to locate your missing courses.

Reasons to take further action to secure your account

  • You received an email from us that your email has been changed and you didn’t change it.
  • You received a notification that your account’s password has been changed and you didn’t change it (note: this is different from a password reset notification from JNY that is explained above).
  • Your account information has been changed but you didn’t change it (ie: your name, new credit cards were added, etc.)
  • You’ve received notifications for purchases on JNY that you didn’t authorize.
  • Other activity was attributed to you in your account that you didn’t initiate (ie: direct messages, Q&A comments etc.).

Reasons to take further action to secure your account

  • Immediately request a password reset email by following these steps. If you do not receive the password reset message within an hour, please check your spam folder. Also, please be sure the support@johnnynasello.com email is added to your safe sender list. If you do not receive a password reset email, and are unable to set a new password, then please contact JNY Support.
  • If the email address you have registered with JNY has been changed in your account, and you can’t initiate a password reset, then immediately contact JNY Support.
  • Make sure the email address you registered with JNY is secure.
  • If you have received notifications of unauthorized purchases on JNY, please contact JNY Support as well as your financial institution or credit card company.

Keeping your account secure

JNY has security protocols in place to help keep your account secure. Accounts can become compromised, however, if an individual has gained access to your login credentials through fraudulent activities, like for example, a phishing scam.

For tips on how to keep your account secure, please click here.

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