How to Use The Q&A

The Q&A serves as a “forum” where students can engage each other and the instructor in conversations about the course content, and instructors can reinforce material that’s been covered.

Please note: the forum and messaging features are available for every member of Johnny Nasello Yoga, but some of the paid courses and coaching programs have their own private forums that only students enrolled in those programs can see and participate in.

Almost every Lesson page has a tab at the bottom of the page that displays the forum that is most appropriate for that particular course.


Once you’re logged into your account, a menu bar will also appear that will take you directly to the forums.

Forum Access

How to use the Forums (Q&A)

In the forum you can view answers the instructor has posted to questions from students, or ask your own question if you can’t find an answer for it.

Private Replies

If you’re responding to an existing topic, you can even mark your reply private so that it’s only viewable by topic authors and course instructors.

Set As Private
Uploads and Attachments

You can upload images, sound files, PDFs, and other formats that help you contribute to the conversation. You can insert YouTube or Vimeo links and your video will automatically embed when you submit your comment.

Close Topics

If you are the author of a topic, you have the option to close it if you feel the discussion has reached its conclusion.

Close Topics
Post Edits

Topics and Replies are only editable for 60 minutes following their submission.

Subscribe to Topics

You can subscribe to topics that interest you, and whenever a new reply is posted, you will receive an email notice. This way you can stay up to date with your favorite conversations.

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