How to Preview Courses

You can review key information about the course on the course landing page, which includes the following information:

What you’ll learn?: this section is a summary of what the course will teach you.

Requirements: these are the prerequisite knowledge or tools, if any, you will need to take the course.

Description: a detailed explanation of what the course covers and why you should enroll.

Reviews: the course landing page may also include reviews, which highlights a positive experience a student had with the course.

Johnny Nasello Yoga Reviews

Course content: you can review a list of each Lesson title, and any other curriculum items the course includes, like quizzes, assignments, practice tests, etc).

Course Outlines

Instructor: Each course landing page has a section where instructors share information about themselves, as well as their experience and expertise. If you click on the instructor’s name, you will be directed to their profile page, which also includes icons for all the courses they teach.

Course Instructor
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