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We’ve built an amazing platform for hosting our online courses and classes, and we’re interested in opening it up to other teachers who have completed our teacher training and continuing education courses. Expand your reach on our platform!

Teach on our Platform

You'll receive 100% of the income from Your content. You'll receive an email with every sale so that you can track this.


We want to feature teachers who have previously completed one of our courses, or teachers who have studied with one of our graduates. However, we’re also open to hosting the content of our friends and other people with whom we’re already acquainted with.

Below is a list of features that our platform is capable of. Each Instructor with courses and classes on this site will receive an about/bio page and links to their personal websites and social media. A snippet of this information, including links to website and social media will also be included in your classes and course pages.

Online Classes

Have you created online or other pre recorded classes that you would like to find a “second life” or continued use for? Use our platform to reach a wider audience. We want to showcase your classes to our growing network.

up front costs.

0% fee on all sales. You Keep 100% of the profit from the sale of your content. Minus merchant account fees (Stripe and PayPal).

Online Courses

Do you have course content that requires more than one video, downloads, and continued interaction with your students? Use our platform for more complex subject matter that is not capable in just one video.

$39 one time setup fee.

$10 private forum integration (optional).

0% fee on all sales. You Keep 100%. Minus merchant account fees (Stripe and PayPal).

There is a small one time set up fee for online courses as there are several hours of work involved in setting up the workflow, and back and forth communication to ensure that it’s set up just the way you want it.


Payouts for this partnership will be handled through PayPal or Wise, in $USD. You’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Payouts will occur on the following Monday, 48 hours after sale. 

Our Refund Policy is set to 48 hours, so you’ll receive any payment amounts that you’re owed on the Monday following the 48 hour refund period.

Other Info


It’s okay if your content is in a language besides English. We like the idea of hosting content from many languages. Roughly a third of our students are non-native English speakers.


You will continue to own ALL rights to your content. You can choose to remove your content at any time from our site.


All other Terms and Conditions will be subject to our regular site policy.


If you haven’t previously enrolled in one of our online classes or courses, then try out Johnny’s General Sequence class, or Breath of Yoga Course. These are both free to access.

You can experience how your students will experience your content. This will give you an idea of what our platform is capable of, and may give you ideas of how your content may work on our site.

Digital Partners

Reach out to us TODAY, and let’s start setting up your courses on our platform!


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