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Everything You Need to Know to Offer Private Yoga Instruction

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I am Committed to Helping My Students to Live Their Yoga Full-Time By Supporting Growth in Their Yoga Business

A full time Yoga Teacher will teach 10-18 classes per week at several different studios in order to make enough money to live on. And depending on where you live, that might not be enough. Just 1 Private Instruction can pay as much as 2 or 3 studio classes. When you add several privates to your weekly calendar, you can cut back on classes or earn more income. You have the complete freedom to choose!

Studio Classes
Weekly Earnings Full Time Income
Private Instruction
Weekly Earnings Full Time Income
Classes + Privates
Weekly Earnings Full Time Income

Results Delivered


Acquire Students

Learn how to identify students ready for private instruction, and how to get them to sign up for your offers and packages.


Beginner Students

Learn how to facilitate private yoga instruction for new students, and how to prepare them for group classes, and more extensive study.


Injury & Recovery

Find out how to assess physical limitations, and how to offer the right poses and sequences to address your student's specific needs.


Advanced Techniques

Understand how to structure and deliver private instruction for more advanced students who want to learn challenging poses or techniques.


Templates & Guides

Everything that we work on together in this coaching program can be repeated in the future as you acquire more students.


Satisfied Students

I'll coach you on how to ask for reviews and referrals, so that your satisfied students will tell their friends and refer others.

Everything You Need to Know to Offer Private Instruction
Grow - Yoga Teacher Coaching

SUCCESS Blueprint

In the first call you’ll learn the top 3 reasons students seek out private yoga instruction, and how to prepare for each one. You’ll learn the right questions to ask your students so that you’re able to fully prepare for the session and completely satisfy their needs. You’ll be shown how to research your market and determine the appropriate rates to charge.

In this call we’ll discuss the needs of new students, and how to prepare sessions for them, and how to prepare them for continuing their practice. We’ll also discuss packaged programs, and how it’s better for both you and your students to study over a series of lessons instead of continually selling just single sessions.

Call 3 is about structuring and organizing private sessions for students who want to learn more advanced techniques. We’ll also get into marketing and promotion. Learn how to handle discounts, accept payments, and how to manage your time and availability. We’ll discuss strategies to sell your services for the first time, and how to close your sale.

We’ll complete the program on how to offer privates for injury and rehabilitation. You’ll learn to use postural assessments in order to determine a client’s misalignments, and to develop a yoga practice strategy to help them. I’ll show you how to choose yoga poses, or muscular actions to help your students find better alignment.

Offer Private Yoga Instruction

Teach Full Time
  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Session Templates, Guidelines & Strategies
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Daily Support
  • Create Package Programs & Ongoing Series

I’ll support you through every step. This is a very focused program, and by the end of our last call, you’ll be confident to Asses, Instruct, and Sell your Private Yoga Instruction.

A History of Expertise

With over a decade of proven experience, I am prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.


Offer Private Yoga Instruction and have a second revenue stream that is not dependent on studios being open or class times available.


Income from Private Instruction is 2-3x more than what you might earn from a Drop-In class. A few students per week can double your income.


There are 2 prerequisites for joining this Coaching Program. You’ll need a base level of experience, to ensure your success. Meet this base criteria, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be ready to offer Private Yoga Instruction in 4 weeks.


Here is my general pending availability for this program. We will confirm together via email or Clarity Call the best times for our 4 coaching calls.

Days USA Pacific European Central Australian WST

Our Students Trust Us

Maggie Li

Maggie Li

“Johnny is a caring, and very experienced teacher who is always ready to share his experience and practical teaching methods for us to become capable yoga teachers.”

Lori Francis

Lori Francis

“The passion that Johnny has for teaching prepared me fully to feel confident and makes this an incredible experience that will leave a lasting impression on me for life.”

Elise Posma

Elise Posma

“Johnny Nasello is professional, knowledgeable, inspiring, and encouraging. He gives you the tools to share your skills with the students you will teach.”


Ready to Teach Full Time?
I'll Help You Get There!

When you’re ready to Grow your yoga business and offer Private Yoga Instruction to your students, add this Coaching Program to your cart or schedule a call with me to find out more!

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