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How to Create and Host Your First Retreat

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This is the Part of Your Yoga Teacher Career that You've Been Waiting for, and you're just weeks away from your first retreat

Retreats have the potential to bring in thousands of dollars in new revenue to your yoga business. For your first retreat, we’re going to keep it modest and close to home. This is for you to have the right experience and a success before fulfilling your dreams of exotic destinations, white sands, and coconuts. You’ll receive all the tools you need for a memorable yoga escape that you can put on repeat.

Regular Income - 365 days
Retreat Income - 12 days

Just 4 weekend retreats per year (12 days total) can add 30% or more of your annual income.

See the Math

Annual Gross Income

Hypothetical annual gross income of a yoga teacher in their second year of teaching full time:

  • 10 classes per week
  • 2 privates per week
  • 2 workshops per month
  • 4 weekend retreats per year

Classes - 39% of income
10 classes per week x $35 per class x 52 weeks


Privates - 15% of income
2 Privates per week x $70 per private x 52 weeks

  • $7,280

Workshops - 15% of income
2 Workshops per month with 15 students each x $20 per student x 12 months

  • $7,200

Retreats - 31% of income
4 Weekend Retreats (3 nights) per year with 8 students each x $450 per student

  • $14,400

Annual Gross Income

The estimated amounts will vary depending on location of residence.

Retreat income could be considerably more if you can sell out longer retreats at higher price points.

Results Delivered


Location Planning

Learn how to find the right location for your next retreat with everything you need to provide your students with an amazing yoga weekend.


Pricing Retreats

I'll show you how to set your pricing so that every person who attends over your minimum required limit is all profit for you.


Structure & Organize

I'll coach you on how to organize your retreat with the right balance of classes, activities, and free time for your students to enjoy.


Theme & Experience

Learn how to prepare an overall theme for your retreat to establish deeper purpose and connection for all who attend your event.


Market & Promotion

Learn the best promotional techniques for your tribe, so that you'll be sure to reach everyone who is interested in attending your retreat.


Satisfied Students

I'll coach you on how to ask for reviews and referrals, so that your satisfied students will tell their friends and refer others.

How to Create & Host Your First Retreat
Grow - Yoga Teacher Coaching

SUCCESS Blueprint

The first coaching call will be focused on research. You’ll learn how to scout out and select the best location for the type of retreat you want to have. You’ll learn how to determine rental costs for guest accommodation, how to select included meals, choose local food options, and cover all the details related to initial retreat planning.

In this call you’ll learn all about retreat structure and pricing. You’ll create a theme, lesson, or objective for your retreat. I’ll also show you how to calculate all of your base costs, determine the minimum amount of students required to earn a profit, and how to determine your sale price so that it’s a good deal for your students and for you.

Call 3 is about marketing and promotion. You’ll learn how to utilize your email list and social media for maximum effect. You’ll receive guidance on how often to promote, and how to do it without being spammy or too “salesy”. You’ll receive templates for all communications including for basic inquiries, bookings, and follow ups.

Here, we’ll cover implementation. You’ll learn all about delivering a great retreat experience, and pull everything together: the retreat schedule, events and excursions, meal times, how to utilize assistants, and everything about managing all of the pieces – including using reviews, photos, and video from this retreat to promote your next one!

Host Your First Retreat

Your Dream Job
  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Retreat Creation System
  • Templates for email communication and expense spreadsheets
  • Daily Support
  • Ready to Launch Your Retreat in only 4 Weeks!

I’ll support you through every step. By the end of this Coaching Program, you will be ready to put a retreat on your calendar and enroll students in a memorable yoga holiday.

A History of Expertise

With over a decade of proven experience, I am prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.


Offer Retreats to your students for a truly memorable yoga experience, and finally step into your full potential as a professional yoga teacher.


Retreat income can literally add thousands to your annual earnings, and they are THE MOST fun way to teach and connect with your students.


There are 2 prerequisites for joining this Coaching Program. You’ll need a base level of experience, to ensure your success. Meet this base criteria, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be ready to host your first retreat in 4 weeks.


Here is my general pending availability for this program. We will confirm together via email or Clarity Call the best times for our 4 coaching calls.

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Our Students Trust Us

Maddy Jones

Maddy Jones

“I have invested in a lot of different mentors over the years and what really sets Johnny apart is that he is incredibly good at teaching you how to teach”

Marina Beyer

Marina Beyer

“Johnny’s ability to help his students to reach their full potential and his positive attitude are just phenomenal, which helped me a lot to gain confidence!”

Blerina Livoreka

Blerina Livoreka

“I have no words to describe his hard work and devotion to Yoga. Everything was organized perfectly, and he has patience with us non native English speakers.”


Ready to Take Yoga on the road?
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