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Create and Teach Your First Workshop

Schedule a free Coach Consultation Clarity Call, and find out all of the details about how to teach your first workshop, and how you’ll grow your yoga business!


Fully step into your role as a yoga teacher, offer more to your students, and add income to your yoga business.

Go deeper into the teachings of yoga with your students, significantly increase your income as a yoga teacher, AND offer so much more than a drop-in class. You’ll charge twice as much for workshops than a regular class. Workshops are usually held outside of traditional class times, which means that your class schedule is not disrupted, and you can add a LOT more income to your yoga business!

Monthly Income - Hypothetical Scenario:

Drop-In Classes – You teach 10 Drop-In Classes per week, or 40 classes per month, at a flat rate of $35 per class. 40 classes x $35 = $1,400

Workshops – Offer 2 Workshops per month, at $20 per student, and get 15 students to attend on average. 30 students x $20 = $600

Income from 40 Studio Classes
Income from 40 Studio Classes + 2 Workshops

In this scenario, you’ll earn nearly 50% of your entire months Drop-In class income with just 2 workshops!

Additionally, your investment in this coaching program more than pays for itself in just 1 month, and you can continue to use the workshop creating system over and over, every month.

Results Delivered


Theme Selection

You'll learn to teach to your strengths, offer the yoga topics that you're interested in most, and shape workshops for your students.


Workshop Creation

Learn how to structure a workshop to ensure that your students stay engaged, maximize their learning potential, and have fun!


Templates & Guides

Everything that we work on together for your first workshop can be repeated for your future workshops with different themes.


Delivery experience

Receive techniques for delivering powerful insights so that your lessons have the most impact, and leave lasting impressions.


Marketing Basics

Learn how to name your workshop, how far in advance to schedule it, advice for communicating to social media, newsletters, and more.


Satisfied Students

I'll coach you on how to generate reviews, referrals, and promotions to keep your students coming back and bring their friends.

Create & Teach Your First Workshop
Grow - Yoga Teacher Coaching

SUCCESS Blueprint

In the first call, we’ll determine a theme for your workshop based on your personal interest and where you are in your teaching right now. We’ll set up an outline for the right mix of movement and educational content, and we’ll determine the appropriate resources you’ll need to develop supporting information and solid preparation.

In the second call we’ll discuss strategy for workshop delivery, structure your lecture parts, and the different ways to approach your topic. We’ll outline several sequences that you can teach in your upcoming classes that will give your students a “taste” to create further interest, and round out your ideas for teaching in the actual workshop.

In call 3 we’ll talk about pricing, how to negotiate profit split with the studio you’re teaching at, or even how to find private locations where you can teach and keep 100% of the profit. You’ll receive a solid strategy for enrolling your workshop attendees into your upcoming classes, next workshop, or even into your social media and online teaching content.

In the last call you’ll learn how to name your workshop in a way that creates curiosity for students, how to effectively market it, and how to use your research and preparation here to create several additional workshops that you can teach in the future. Tip: Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education programs are just multiple workshops bundled together.

Create & Teach Your First Workshop

Grow Your Income
  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Templates for Types of Workshops
  • Guidelines and Strategies for Workshop Facilitation
  • Daily Support
  • System for Creating Future Workshops

We’ll create your first workshop together, and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. By the end of our last call, you’ll be confident to Create, Instruct, and Deliver workshops and master classes.

A History of Expertise

With over a decade of proven experience, I am prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.


Workshops can become a significant portion of your monthly income, and are the building blocks of teaching more complex courses and programs.


You fully step into the seat of a teacher, when you can offer your students broader and more complex subjects. Take your students further!


There are 2 prerequisites for joining this Coaching Program. You’ll need a base level of experience, to ensure your success. Meet this base criteria, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be ready to offer Private Yoga Instruction in 4 weeks.


Here is my general pending availability for this program. We will confirm together via email or Clarity Call the best times for our 4 coaching calls.

Days USA Pacific European Central Australian WST

Our Students Trust Us

Blerina Livoreka

Blerina Livoreka

“I have no words to describe his hard work and devotion to Yoga. Everything was organized perfectly, and he has patience with us non native English speakers.”

Marina Beyer

Marina Beyer

“Johnny’s ability to help his students to reach their full potential and his positive attitude are just phenomenal, which helped me a lot to gain confidence!”

Natalia Costa

Natalia Costa

“Johnny is a teacher with a wide knowledge in Yoga. You’ll learn the psychology behind being a teacher and how to connect with students, and develop your business.”


Ready to Expand Your Offers?
I'll Help You Get There!

When you’re ready to Grow your yoga business and offer Your First Workshop to your students, add this Coaching Program to your cart or schedule a call with me to find out more!

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