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International Yoga Instructor & Yoga Teacher Trainer, Johnny Nasello, delivers a 5-Week Pranayama Master Course that will bring new energy to your practice, and greater potential to the way that you teach!

5 Week Course

What will I learn?

  • Introduction to Pranayama practice
  • Insights about time, location, and frequency of your practice
  • Overview of the pranic energy system
  • Overview of the respiratory anatomy system
  • 11 Pranayamas, and their various techniques and stages
  • 3 unique full length practices that combine the pranayamas learned in this week
  • Mindfulness awareness from a more consistent practice
  • 6 additional Pranayamas, and their various techniques and stages
  • 3 more unique full length practices that combine the pranayamas learned in this week, and the week before
  • Stress release, mental clarity, and increased focus
  • 4 Bandhas that evolve your physical asana practice, and further the potential of the effects of your pranayama practice
  • 5 additional Pranayamas
  • 3 more unique full length practices that combine the pranayamas learned in this week, and the previous weeks
  • Heightened intuition, and clarity around choices and decisions
  • 2 more full length pranayama practices
  • Further the techniques and counts from the previous weeks
  • Reach an hour of duration in the practice session
  • You fall into a real rhythm of practice and become accustomed to its feel good effects
  • 1 more unique full length hour+ practice
  • Push beyond your previous limits, and prepare to move your entire yoga practice to new limits
  • Through repetition and building throughout 5 weeks, you will develop confidence to practice on your own
  • You will be able to teach what you know to others
  • Understand the structure of a pranayama sequence
  • Know how to sequence your own classes
  • Learn how to incorporate pranayama into your asana classes and propel what you can offer your students into the stratosphere
  • Suggestions on how to offer pranayama to your students based on their specific needs, and where they are in their practice
  • Learn how to explain the energy practice of yoga in a practical way that your students can understand and connect to 

Meet Your Instructor

Johnny Nasello


Johnny Nasello has been the lead instructor of over 20 teacher trainings, and has graduated students from over 40 different countries. His instructions are clear, intuitive, and practical for the modern teacher and practitioner.

Johnny studied pranayama at its source along the Himalayan foothills, and offers this course from a hatha yoga perspective, influenced by the Sivananda tradition.

Johnny Nasello

Course Content

Learn Pranayama Online - 76 Essential Breathing Techniques

Module 1 Pranayama Practice Basics
Lesson 1 Learn Pranayama Start Page
Lesson 2 When, Where, and How Often Should You Practice Pranayama?
Lesson 3 Postures of Pranayama
Lesson 4 Yogic Diet for Pranayama
Lesson 5 The Pranic System
Lesson 6 Anatomy of Respiration
Lesson 7 Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 Pranayama and Practice
Lesson 1 Introduction to Pranayama Practice
Lesson 2 Sahaj Pranayama (Spontaneous Breathing)
Lesson 3 Conscious Breathing
Lesson 4 Yogic Breathing
Lesson 5 Viloma Pranayama
Lesson 6 Week 1 – Day 1 Practice
Lesson 7 Ujjayi Pranayama
Lesson 8 Kapalbhati Pranayama
Lesson 9 Week 1 – Day 2 Practice
Lesson 10 Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
Lesson 11 Week 1 – Day 3-4 Practice
Lesson 12 Bhastrika Pranayama
Lesson 13 Surya and Chandra Bhedi Pranayama
Lesson 14 Week 1 – Day 5-6 Practice
Lesson 15 Week 1 Quiz
Lesson 16 Cooling Breath
Lesson 17 Week 2 – Day 1-2 Practice
Lesson 18 Bhramari Pranayama
Lesson 19 Week 2 – Day 3-4 Practice
Lesson 20 Swana Pranayama
Lesson 21 Braham-Hunkar Pranayama
Lesson 22 Week 2 – Day 5-6 Practice
Lesson 23 Week 2 Quiz
Lesson 24 Bandhas
Lesson 25 Moorcha Pranayama
Lesson 26 Week 3 Day 1-2 Practice
Lesson 27 Omkar Pranayama
Lesson 28 Week 3 Day 3-4 Practice
Lesson 29 Week 3 Day 5-6 Practice
Lesson 30 Week 3 Quiz
Lesson 31 Week 4 Day 1-3 Practice
Lesson 32 Week 4 Day 4-6 Practice
Lesson 33 Week 5 Day 1-6 Practice
Lesson 34 Week 5 Quiz
Lesson 35 Five Week Wrap – Practice Module Completion
Module 3 Insights for Teachers
Lesson 1 Pranayama Sequences
Lesson 2 Including Pranayama Within Asana Classes
Lesson 3 The Importance of Grounding

Student Spotlight - Blerina, Kosovo

The way you cue some things, it is exactly what you need to do, and it's understanding. Even for me in which English is my second language..

Blerina L.


I was struggling to teach pranayama in my classes, because I needed more. And I think the pranayama course is just the addition that I need!

Blerina L.


You talk about everything. You talk about nadis, you talk about chakras, and everything is explained in detail.

Blerina L.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is lifetime access. You will have access to this course as long as it’s offered on this website?

This course is designed for practitioners who have already completed a 200 hour teacher training, or have consistently practiced for a year or more. This course is offered as it would be taught in a 300 hour teacher training program. 

Yes. we have a 48 hour refund policy for online courses. That’s 2 full days for you to check out the course content. If you decide that it’s not for you, you can request a refund with no questions asked.

Nope, you can start on any day you want. The first module is preliminary information about the practice, and the daily practices start on module 2. It’s ideal if you start module 2 on a Monday because the daily practices are meant to cover 6 days per week.

Estimate that the course will take you 32-35 hours to complete. The video content and the practice lessons take 28+ hours to watch, and the remaining time would be reading content and quizzes.

You will spend approximately 1 hour to 1:20 minutes per day.

  1. This course is designed and taught from the intention of helping yoga teachers deepen their pranayama practice, and to guide them in teaching what they learn to their own students.
  2. You’ll have direct and ongoing access to the teacher. There is an instant messaging chat system accessed from your account page, and a course forum where questions can be answered and conversations can continue.
  3. Johnny explains things in a practical way that is relatable to Western students.

Yes. Johnny is registered as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Professional (YACEP). After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can turn into Yoga Alliance for 32 non-contact hours of continuing education.

All of the video content is pre-recorded for you to watch at a convenient time for you.

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