Affirmations for Abundance and Health

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If you are feeling lack in abundance or health in your life, this recording is for you.

Use it daily/nightly for best results, listen to it when you are about to fall asleep.

The external world is a manifestation of your inner experience. – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

What we think about affects the way we see, experience, and live out our lives.

In meditation practice, we learn that we have the ability observe our thoughts and get clear about what kind of thoughts are being generated and floating around in our heads.

And we get to practice discernment. Some thoughts are useful and they serve a positive purpose. Other thoughts can be negative and cause more damage than good.

So, it’s important for us to recognize what kind of thoughts are in the works in leading our lives, and if the thoughts we are currently using are not helping us to go towards the direction we want to go, we have the ability to steer ourselves to go in another direction.

But most of us live our days and even years without ever reviewing or questioning our thoughts. We are swayed and pulled in all kinds of directions at the whim of our thoughts. It’s no wonder so many of us are unhappy and unable to live the life we wish for.

So, how can we make a shift?

When we are young, our minds soak up all kinds of new information to learn about the world. Many of our belief systems get formed during our younger years.

  • Some of the things we learn and hold onto are useful.
  • Some other things we learn and hold onto are NOT so useful.

The problem is that we have installed certain programs in our brains on how to be and function in the world, when we were first starting to learn, but we never updated these programs, when we got older and learned more. It’s like trying to work with a computer program that was created 20 years ago, without installing any new updates. It’s a recipe for a difficult life.

Let’s say, someone told you or made you feel that you were not worthy or that you were weak when you were young, and you believed that person at the moment, it is possible that you may still be holding onto those beliefs about yourself in your subconscious mind, even well into your adulthood. And from those thoughts and beliefs, you live your life according to them.

Maybe you find yourself not able to go beyond a certain limit in your career or finance because deep down you have limiting beliefs about your worth, or maybe you find yourself always being physically weak or ill in one form or another, because you are living according to your deep-held belief that you are unable to be strong or healthy. You may be experiencing lack in abundance or lack in health in your own way.

Whatever the limiting beliefs you may be holding onto in your subconscious or unconscious mind, you have the ability to tap in, change, and reprogram your belief system. Once the new program is in place, the material, physical world will begin to shift and show up to match your new programming & frequency.

This recording is for re-setting your programming for abundance and health in your life.

Please use this recording when you are about to fall asleep, as this is the best time for creating change in your subconscious.

Use it daily/nightly and see the results appear in your life.

To your abundant life and good health!

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Affirmations for Abundance and Health

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