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Every aspect of your life can affect the energies associated with your chakras. How are your chakras balanced today?


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The chakras, are centers of energy associated with different regions within the body.

The energy levels of these chakras (excessive, deficient, or balanced) can have an affect on our various physical and mental traits.

This quiz can help you determine if your chakras are in excessive, deficient, or balanced states, and provide insights on how to adjust your yoga practice for equilibrium and well-being.

What You’ll Get

  • Detailed information about each of the 7 main chakras of the hatha yoga system.
  • 49 Question Chakra Quiz
  • Insights into how to bring balance to the chakras through yoga poses, mantra, crystals, and incense.
  • Access to our membership forum.


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Total sales: 17 Courses

The Chakra Quiz - FREE

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