Guided Meditation Facilitator One-On-One Program

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One-On-One Private Coaching for 12 Weeks. Pay in full to Save $ or make 3 payments of $700.

Please apply through the form in the tab below, and schedule a Clarity Call with Ali prior to purchasing this program.


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To apply for this program, please fill out the Form located in the next tab “Apply for Program”.

12 Weeks Guided Meditation Facilitator Training & Coaching

Start Leading Meditations with More Confidence, Clarity, and Ease

  • Feel confident in leading meditations for group classes and/or private sessions
  • Expand your professional skills with meditation
  • Find your own voice as a meditation leader
  • Know how to lead students and clients with ease
  • Learn how to create a variety of meditation classes
  • Grow in your personal meditation practice.

Learn About Everything You Need to Get Started

  • How to Effectively Facilitate Guided Meditations
  • How to Gain & Keep that Confidence & Assurance You Want
  • How to Lead Group Classes as well as Individual Sessions w/ Ease
  • Which Meditation to Use and How to Use It
  • How to Find Your Own Voice as a Meditation Facilitator
  • How to Record Audio & Videos of Your Meditations
  • How to Answer Your Students/Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Recommend Meditation Programs According to Ayurvedic Dosha Types (body-mind constitutions)
  • How to Give Mindful Lifestyle Advice
  • And More!

What’s the Program Schedule?

Topics covered during the 12 weeks:

Part 1 : Build the Foundation

  • Week 1: Foundations, Definition, Benefits, Science of Meditation
  • Week 2: Various Styles of Meditations
  • Week 3: Posture, Breath, Prana, the Mind
  • Week 4: How to Structure Your Meditation Classes

Part 2: The Practice

  • Week 5: Mindfulness Approach to Meditation
  • Week 6: Yogic Approach to Meditation
  • Week 7: Metta Approach to Meditation
  • Week 8: How to Choose Which Meditation to Use for Your Classes

Part 3: Teaching in Real Life

  • Week 9: Leading Group Classes vs. Private Classes
  • Week 10: Review of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Week 11: Living the Practice – How to Apply Meditation Into Real Life
  • Week 12: Final Assignment, Last Questions & Review, Certificate of Completion

Apply For Program

Step 1 – Fill out the Application Form in the next tab “Apply for Program”
Step 2 – Once reviewed, you will receive an email
Step 3 – If accepted we will have a 20-minute clarity call to discuss your needs and goals, and set our schedule.

I look forward to connecting with you soon. Namaste, Ali

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4 reviews for Guided Meditation Facilitator One-On-One Program

  1. Ana Almeida (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Ali one-on-one program.

    I’ve made few other courses before, but none of them was so comprehensive and well structured like this one. It totally exceeded my expectations. Every day I felt that the daily emails were created directly for me, and the content was truly amazing, enriching and challenging.

    Ali made an awesome job in guiding me towards my personal goals, to make me think, journal, meditate, to not be scared of stepping forward and to feel comfortable as a teacher while guiding meditations.

    Ali helped me to find my own voice as a Yoga teacher and to feel confident and comfortable in my own shoes. And this allowed me to develop myself so much, professionally and personally.

    Ali also accommodated my time zone quite easily, as I started the course while I was in Portugal and half way through, I had to move to Australia, and this made me feel comfortable and happy with my choice of her 12 weeks program.

    Ali has the most beautiful heart and her passion for what she does, can be felt by the amazing work that she does.
    I totally recommend this course.

  2. Laura

    Ali’s meditation course is solid and useful for teachers wanting to have a structure to their classes, answers to all students’ questions and lots of new ideas. It helps making your teaching more professional, on point and effective for all kinds of students you might have. Plus, there is a lot to learn from Ali, that is not just related to the course itself but to the way she handles life. Very inspiring experience.

  3. Monica

    I am a Reiki Practitioner and I wanted to expand my meditation practice. I wanted to have more confidence in facilitating meditation and learn about the different styles. This program surpassed my expectations. I learned all the technical things I wanted to know while learning to follow my intuition and my personal flow. Ali helped me to integrate all of this and focus on the most important aspects. I feel like I can structure a meditation for a single person or group. I am actually excited now when clients book for a guided meditation because I can apply what I have learned from her and add my personal style. I

    I highly recommend this course to improve your own meditation practice as well . You will learn so much and how to apply it. After this program I feel well rounded in my meditation practice and discovered my favorite type of meditations.

  4. Christina Lammey

    Ali’s guided meditation facilitator program is amazing, especially if you are looking to gain practical skills to lead meditations. I have done 500hr+ of yoga trainings and always wanted to implement meditations into my teaching but did not feel I had the skills to lead high quality meditations. Ali’s course was exactly what I was looking for, some real-life tools and knowledge for teaching meditations. Now I feel confident in leading various styles of mediations and also more connected to my own mediation practice. I have always shied away from recording myself, but this course pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible and now I feel much more comfortable recording audio and watching videos of myself. Ali was very patient and worked well with me and my schedule throughout the course. She is an absolutely lovely person as well, very personable and approachable.

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Guided Meditation Facilitator One-On-One Program

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