New Beginnings – Yoga to Let Go and Make Space

This course is about new beginnings & fresh starts, about letting go of the Old in order to make space for the New.


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At any given point in time we’re given the chance to start something fresh and new.

This course has 4 lovely 1 hour yoga sequences, a 30 minute bonus video, 4 meditations, and 28 affirmations. We’ll go through this together.

What You’ll Receive

  • 4 Week Practice Outline
  • 5 Yoga Class Videos
  • 4 Audio Meditations
  • 28 Daily Affirmations
  • Access to Group Forums
  • Direct Communication Access to the Instructor
Class 1 – Hips & Letting Go

In this class you’ll flow through a gentle Vinyasa, with focus on mindful movement, hip opening poses and releasing tension in your body, especially your legs and hips.

While hip opening poses are a lovely way to stretch those groups of muscles that can get tight from sitting a lot, they can also help you connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Release what is no longer serving you: tension in your physical body, and emotions or patterns that you’ve been holding onto for a little too long. Breathe deeply, soften and surrender!

Class 2 – Finding Balance

In this sequence you’ll playfully explore how to find your balance, physically on the yoga mat and maybe even mentally or emotionally.

Expect an energizing and uplifting Vinyasa flow full of dynamic moves, juicy twists and fun balancing poses. No need to master these, or get it all “perfect”!

Let’s be curious, learn as we go. Let’s take it step by step and see where that takes us 🙂

Class 3 – New Energy

This class starts with a short awareness exercise and breathwork and leads up to a dynamic full body stretch: You’ll strengthen the muscles in your back, release tension in your shoulders, stretch your hips and legs and build some core strength and heat in the body.

Collect new energy and stretch the whole body with this dynamic flow.
This sequence will leave you feeling fully stretched and glowing from inside! Hop on the mat – Let’s do this 🙂

Class 4 – Making Space For The New

Wanna try something new? You may be familiar with the Sun Salutations but have you ever heard of the Moon Salutations?

Whereas the Sun Salutations heat the body the Moon Salutations are ideal to wind down after a long day. Expect a gentle Slow-Flow class that focuses on creating space with side stretches and heart opening poses in combination with a deep and steady rhythm of breathing.

Let’s explore, move, surrender! Let’s make space for the new – in the body, mind and heart.

Class 5 – Strong and Dynamic Flow with Marina & Wanda the Cat

In this dynamic Vinyasa class you’ll build some heat in the body with energizing flows, deep twists and on top of it all you’ll meet a fluffy cat called Wanda.

Course Outline

Module 1 Welcome to New Beginnings
Lesson 1 Welcome to "New Beginnings"
Module 2 Letting Go Of The Old
Lesson 1 Hips & Letting Go (Video)
Lesson 2 Letting Go & Forgiving (Audio)
Lesson 3 Affirmation 1
Lesson 4 Affirmation 2
Lesson 5 Affirmation 3
Lesson 6 Affirmation 4
Lesson 7 Affirmation 5
Lesson 8 Affirmation 6
Lesson 9 Affirmation 7
Module 3 Finding Balance
Lesson 1 Energize & Balance (Video)
Lesson 2 Meditation Before Yoga (Audio)
Lesson 3 Affirmation 8
Lesson 4 Affirmation 9
Lesson 5 Affirmation 10
Lesson 6 Affirmation 11
Lesson 7 Affirmation 12
Lesson 8 Affirmation 13
Lesson 9 Affirmation 14
Module 4 New Energy
Lesson 1 Full Body Stretch (Video)
Lesson 2 Braving The Storm (Audio)
Lesson 3 Affirmation 15
Lesson 4 Affirmation 16
Lesson 5 Affirmation 17
Lesson 6 Affirmation 18
Lesson 7 Affirmation 19
Lesson 8 Affirmation 20
Lesson 9 Affirmation 21
Module 5 Making Space For The New
Lesson 1 Moon Salutations (Video)
Lesson 2 Affirmation: I Am Grateful (Audio)
Lesson 3 Affirmation 22
Lesson 4 Affirmation 23
Lesson 5 Affirmation 24
Lesson 6 Affirmation 25
Lesson 7 Affirmation 26
Lesson 8 Affirmation 27
Lesson 9 Affirmation 28
Module 6 Bonus Video - Full Cat Stretch
Lesson 1 Strong & Dynamic Flow with Marina & Wanda the Cat (Video)
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About Marina

Marina Felkl Marina Beyer is based in Berlin and graduated from Johnny Nasello Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2017. She is an Alignment-Based Hatha, Vinyasa Instructor. With her classes, you’ll discover an energizing practice linking breath and movement to a smooth and dynamic sequence. Read More…

Course Instructor
Marina Felkl

Sweaty Cat Yoga

Marina Beyer

Johnny Nasello Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate based in Berlin+London


I’m a beginner – can I still join?

Yes, absolutely!

I’ll give super clear instructions, demonstrate the whole flow and will offer lots of modifications to make the poses accessible for everybody.

Remember to take the class at your own pace and give yourself enough time to feel if the poses feel right for your body. If it doesn’t, there’s no need in pushing yourself. Be gentle with yourself 🙂

How long will I be able to access the classes?

You’ll have access to all recordings for at least 2 months in order to find a routine that feels good for you.


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New Beginnings – Yoga to Let Go and Make Space

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