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The Essential Yoga Teacher Guide – Secrets to Teach the 8 Limbs is an online course that helps Yoga Teachers to teach with confidence and break through imposter syndrome!

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This course will help you to fully integrate the 8 Limbs into your practice and your teaching. We’ll give you the tools to progress in your career path.

It’s hard to become a full-time yoga teacher!

It’s difficult to earn a full-time income from only teaching drop-in classes.

You need a system that shows you how to expand your teaching, and will show you how to bring philosophy, pranayama, and meditation into your classes.

  • How to Expertly Theme Your Classes and provide memorable experiences for your students!
  • Learn How to Assess the Needs of Your Students and apply a holistic program to privates and group classes.
  • Increase the Topics That You Can Teach and integrate asana, pranayama, meditation, and more!
  • Understand the Yoga Sutras In A Practical Way and take your students deeper into their practice.
  • How to Go Beyond Asana and teach the big picture of yoga as a philosophy for living.
  • How to Deepen Your Meditation Practice and incorporate those lessons in your teaching.

Course Outline

Module 1 Start Here
Lesson 1 Welcome - Intro to Course
Lesson 2 My Yoga Teacher Journey Questionnaire
Lesson 3 How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Lesson 4 How to Integrate the Yoga Sutras in Your Teaching and Practice
Module 2 Yamas and Niyamas - Learn to Theme Classes
Lesson 1 Introduction to Yamas and Niyamas
Lesson 2 Ahimsa
Lesson 3 Satya
Lesson 4 Asteya
Lesson 5 Brahmacharya
Lesson 6 Aparigraha
Lesson 7 Soucha
Lesson 8 Santosha
Lesson 9 Tapas
Lesson 10 Svadhyaya
Lesson 11 Ishvara Pranidhana
Lesson 12 How to Theme Your Classes with Philosophy
Module 3 Asana - More Than Just Poses
Lesson 1 Annamaya Kosha
Lesson 2 The Most Important Aspects of Asana
Lesson 3 Your Asana Practice
Lesson 4 Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas
Lesson 5 Your Diet - Yoga Fuel
Lesson 6 Holistic Morning Routine
Lesson 7 Pranayama and Meditation Poses
Module 4 Pranayama - Key Breathing Techniques
Lesson 1 Pranamaya Kosha
Lesson 2 The Breath of Yoga
Lesson 3 Udar Pranayama
Lesson 4 Vaksah Pranayama
Lesson 5 Jatruka Pranayama
Lesson 6 Yogic Breath
Lesson 7 Viloma Pranayama
Lesson 8 Holistic Chakra Instruction
Lesson 9 The Quiz of Prana and Breath
Lesson 10 Your Pranayama Practice
Module 5 Pratyahara - Gateway to Deeper Practice
Lesson 1 Mystical Powers of Yoga
Lesson 2 The Ego vs Pratyahara
Lesson 3 Practical Development of Pratyahara
Lesson 4 Bhramari Practice for Pratyahara
Module 6 Dharana - Concentration Techniques
Lesson 1 Heart Center Technique
Lesson 2 3rd Eye - Ajna Focus
Lesson 3 Trataka - Candle Gazing
Lesson 4 Breath Meditation
Lesson 5 Mantra for Dharana Focus
Module 7 Dhyana and Samadhi - Meditation and Enlightenment
Lesson 1 Dhyana
Lesson 2 Samadhi - Path to Enlightenment
Lesson 3 Samadhi

This is the next step after your 200 Hour Teacher Training:

Enroll in The Essential Yoga Teacher Guide – Secrets to Teach the 8 Limbs (broaden your teaching skills)
In this next step, you gain a lot of confidence, and improve your style and techniques to make your classes more interesting and engaging. You grow your student base!

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  • Your “My Account” page contains an Instant Messenger for you to easily contact your instructor.
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  • Recommended age for enrollment is 18.
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  • An internet connection capable of streaming video (videos are not available to download).
  • Computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • A free Zoom account or Google Meet for courses or coaching programs with a “Live” component.
  • Generally, a yoga mat, rug, or cushion. Other common props would be listed if needed on individual Lesson pages.
  • Notebook if you wish to take notes.



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Essential Yoga Teacher Guide

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