From 2016 to 2020, I offered my Yoga Teacher Training at Ananda Yoga and Detox Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Many reviews for my program are on their Trip Advisor Page. I’ve made unedited screenshots for you to see, and feel free to visit and see for yourself.


"This was one of the best experiences of my life!"

"I got what I came for and much more. Expectations were exceeded many times during the course."

"What you may not read on the website is just how life changing the experience is."

"If you want a training that will no doubt leave you ready to step in front of a class at the end of the 28 day training and confidently be able to teach, this is the program for you!"

"You will learn and receive what you asked for and you will leave the training ready to teach yoga!"

"The syllabus he created is honestly a masterpiece."

"I would highly recommend this course for yogis looking to deepen their own practice and importantly those who want to learn to teach yoga!"

"The curriculum is practical, comprehensive, and holistic. As much as you will learn about the practice of yoga on your mat, this training will encourage you to develop personally off of your mat."

  • Andrea L wrote a review Apr 2020
    Top level yoga teacher training in Koh Panghan (and the world!)
    My experience at Ananda was amazing. The place is really beautiful and close to the beach. You can easily rent a bike or a scooter to ride around the island (when you have time!), but you can also enjoy hanging around the resort, which has a beautiful garden area and saltwater pool.

    As for the teacher training, Johnny has put up such a structured and wide course that I find it hard to think you can come across a better 200 hours TT course.

    He is very knowledgeable, devoted, and expert on all the aspects of yoga practice, and he is very good at explaining, and present all along the course together with his assistants.

    Definitely a must if you want to take your 200-hour course!
  • Cami wrote a review Apr 2020
    Ananda Pure Yoga 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course
    My YTTC with Johnny Nasello at Ananda Yoga & Detox Center, has been undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Johnny is simply wonderful and one of the best Teachers you could dream of. He designed an incredibly well-organized, well-structured, and professional course. Every important aspect concerning the vast world of yoga teaching is thoroughly dealt with, most probably even those features you wouldn’t have had considered.

    Be prepared: along with the professional course, there is also an inner profound journey that takes place. Johnny’s enlightening charisma, knowledgeable experience and genuine passion will bring you to dive deep within yourself and bring out all your physical and mental potentials and energies. It’s certainly a demanding and intense course in many aspects. And the end results are simply astonishing: most probably you will be amazed by yourself beyond expectations. Moreover, Ali, Johnny’s wife and sweet other half, brings in all the energy and loving support you need, and her own knowledge as well. If you think handstands are difficult, try holding your thoughts still! If you think it is too boring or too difficult for you… well, you haven’t practiced meditation with Ali yet.

    Everyone else in the Ananda staff completes the incredible experience by making your stay simply delightful. Great location, great food, great service and great environment. Couldn’t have asked for more. Bravi!
  • Discover434173 wrote a review Feb 2020
    200h YTTC January 2020
    I recently completed my 200h yttc with Johnny at Ananda and the experience was life changing. There are no words that can express the wonderful experience and how this training has impacted me in a very big way. Although the training could be intense at times, the experience far exceeded my expectations. Johnny’s experience and knowledge prepared me fully to feel confident to go back home and teach. The training is one aspect but the passion that Johnny has for yoga and his wonderful nature in how he teaches and shares that makes this training such an incredible experience one that will leave a lasting impression on me for life. I feel very blessed to have been part of this group. His assistants Ali,Meliisa and Elena were also wonderful. They each brought their own knowledge, skills and experience thst enhanced the overall experience. They were funny compassionate and really helped us refine our practice. The food at Ananda was delicious, the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. Each day at dinner time we had the gift to watch the sun set over the sea. I am so grateful to have done this training. I have met life long friends and this will resonate with me for a very very long time.
    Lori Francis 💕🙏🏻
  • Aleisha B wrote a review Feb 2020
    The Best thing you will ever do
    I recently completed the January 200hr Yoga Teacher training at Ananda and my goodness.

    Words cannot describe how incredible and life changing this journey was.

    Johnny is absolutely someone you can trust with such a big task and you’ll just want to keep learning from him. his knowledge and passion is beyond inspiring.

    Melissa is the most vibrant, Beautiful and fun loving assistant he could possibly ask for and compliments his teaching style perfectly. She often felt like a big sister guiding us and getting us ready for the path ahead.
    Ali is wise and comforting and delves deep into some fascinating subjects. Make the most of her classes and ask as many questions as you can,

    This team come together to bring you extensive training both physically and theoretically, they have created a fool proof system and it works !

    The resort itself is magical and inviting !
    The staff and even the owners were so welcoming to everyone you really become apart of their family. If I could do it again 10000 times over I absolutely would!
    Just wait for the food too!!! It was sooooo good I’m missing it like crazy


  • Bella D wrote a review Aug 2019
    YTT 200 July 2019
    This was one of the best experiences of my life!!! Ananda is beautiful and the staff is so kind and loving. I was very comfortable there. I met the most amazing people from all around the world. The training was incredible and so thorough. You really learn a lot and feel so accomplished by the end of it. Johnny and Melissa are such inspiring and knowledgable teachers. I highly recommend this program!!
  • Steve M wrote a review Jul 2019
    YTT 200 hours May 2019
    In May 2019 I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Ananda.I was extremely happy with choosing Ananda.

    The course that Jonny Nasello has put together is challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time. I was really pushed out of my comfort zone but it was definitely worth it because it has given me the confidence to teach yoga. The TTC he has developed definitely works.

    We were practice teaching from very early on so by the end of the course I was very confident to teach a full class. I only completed the training five weeks ago and have already started to teach classes back home in Australia.

    Johnny’s beautiful wife Ali Choi adds a beautiful balanced energy to the course and teaches the Ayurveda classes and meditation classes. I was lucky enough to have her check me in when I got there. As I was a little nervous on arrival her energy found a way to calm me down.

    Melissa Scheinwald and Franciska Bodnar did a great job at pulling all the students together to learn for the month. There were some days that we were overwhelmed with information and Asanas, but the girls would just sort us out so all the information would sink into us. Every day we got better and better. I was very impressed and loved the way it all came together.

    All four teachers live and breathe the yogi life. It was very inspiring to be with them for the month.

    The accommodation is basic but it works. I stayed in my own room. I used the pool almost every day and night after our classes. The food was very good. It was great to not have to think about what food to buy as we were fed 7 days a week breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were very accommodating to me as I have a funny diet. I did go out and eat sometimes on Sundays.
    I rented a motorbike and explored the island on Sundays.

    I would love to do another course with these teachers again one day.

    If your thinking about doing your YTT I highly recomened this one.

  • Sophia Wong wrote a review Feb 2019
    I gained more than what I went there for
    I was there for yoga teacher certification.I went without expecting anything, I was simply there to practice yoga which is something I enjoy doing for quite a while. Instead, I’ve gained friends from all over the world, I’ve gained wisdom of yoga and more importantly, I’ve gained a life-long teacher – Johnny, who is so knowledgable about yoga and life.The other day, my classmate and I were talking to each other about yoga classes we go to after the yoga training, and that we should not make the same mistake as these teachers. And Alana went: “damn we were taught really well.” “Indeed,” I answered. It was a training that is filled with insightful knowledge which would probably take us years to figure out on our own.

    Until this day, I still bother Johnny for anything I don’t understand about yoga, or when I am coming out with new pose I want to teach and not quite sure about my cues.

    I miss my folks a lot and I recommend everyone to join the class, either for the yoga teacher training or just a yoga retreat, teachers there are really nice, friendly people.

    Whatever you go after for, I wish you the best luck. Namaste~

  • Vajrabuddha wrote a review Dec 2018
    Life changing Yoga Teacher Training October/November 2018
    My only gripe is that I didn’t do this years ago. The whole TTC experience was incredible, I got what I came for and much more. Expectations were exceeded many times during the course.Whilst it’s by nature an intense course I felt everything was in place for a reason and worked well. Johnny is a incredible yoga teacher, whose teaching is consolidated by a broader fitness background. This is why I honestly feel there is no better place to study alignment based yoga. The daily asana clinics were not as much fun as some of the other classes, or our morning sequences, but they were extremely helpful for deepening my understanding of various poses which in turn helped my personal practice.I initially signed up for the course primarily to deepen my practice, however I’ve actually started teaching and am at the early stages of developing a yoga business thanks to this course.The resort itself is clean, well laid out and very well maintained. Food similarly was great.
  • Yin Li wrote a review Nov 2018
    200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Oct 2018
    I have recently completed the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nov 2018, and this life time experience is more than what I can actually express using words! I am so glad I made the best choice ever to start my yoga journey here at Ananda. With the amazing sea view just across the road in front of the resort, I feel so blessed every single day: “What more I can ask for?”

    I took a private room during my stay here. The room is well furnished, neat and clean and the staff change towel and refill toilet paper every single day. I feel comfy and love staying at my room for my study indeed! Thanks so much for the hard work of the staff!

    Totally amazing and nothing to criticize! There are a range of varieties and lots of fruits for every meal. The cook and staff are so caring and considerate and prepare food carefully esp. for vegan and classmate who cannot take garlic. We all fall in love with the little banana pancake, and “No Name”!!! So yum!!! The 3 meals all inclusive in the package are really a good way to save our trouble for figuring out what to eat everyday !Facilities
    The swimming pool is definitely the secret paradise for chilling after lunch and before afternoon class during sunny days. I like the smell at sauna steam room as well, which made me so relieved. 2 massages are included in the package but I was so willing to pay for extra hours, as the staff are so good here and their “magic hands” helped us release muscle pain! Highly recommend to do 2 hours oil massage in one go!Yoga teacher training
    I completed the 200 hours yoga teacher training with Johnny Nasello and his team (Melissa and Rose). Johnny is a kind, caring, and very experienced teacher who are always ready to share his own experience and practical teaching method to pave the right track for us to become a capable yoga teacher. We started learning how to teach since Day 2 till the end of the course and I was so thrilled to give my first ever yoga lesson to real walk-in customers at the 8am vinyasa flow lesson on this amazing tropical island during my final exam!!! Million thanks to Johnny and the team who are so patient for taking good care of me who are a non-native speaker. I love being in this group so much, just like a family!

    Last but not least
    If you are looking for a 200 hours YTT, I am sure you won’t be disappointed to choose Ananda as your “home”!

    Maggie/ Hong Kong

  • Franciska B wrote a review Aug 2018
    Yoga Teacger Training July 2018
    Ananda yoga and detox centre is a special place where you will be taken care of and feel at home. I did the yoga teacher training here with Johnny Nasello and his team. I highly recommend this training to all yogis who are looking for a strong understanding and practice of yoga and how to teach it. Johnny is a hard working, professional teacher who offers all his help and knowledge to his students. You will learn and receive what you asked for and you will leave the training, ready to teach yoga! Meanwhile, the island, the place and the people provide the relaxing atmosphere and support you need in between learning. I didn’t do the detox here but have spoken to a few people who have and they enjoyed the experience! When you get to know the people and spend some time here, you’ll see that Ananda is a wonderful place and community on a special island 🙂
  • Lindsay B wrote a review May 2018
    Yoga Teacher Training Oct/Nov 2017
    I can not recommend this training enough. You will not get a better value anywhere else between the incredible accommodation, lodging, food, course, and overall experience at such an affordable and well-worth it price! If you want a training that will no doubt leave you ready to step in front of a class at the end of the 28 day training and confidently be able to teach, this is the program for you! Even if you just want to learn more about yoga and deepen your own practice you will get so much out of this training as Johnny is incredibly knowledgable, professional, and an amazing teacher and mentor.Aside from the amazing course, you are literally living across the street from a beach, can spend breaks by the on site salt water pool or herbal steam sauna. You can get a pick me up by stopping at the amazing coffee shop next door or unwind across the street at a beachfront french wine bar and restaurant that does live fire dances and other events. Motorbike rental, laundry services and a massage parlor are right next door or on site as well.10/10 recommend to anyone at any level for this incredible and transformational 28 day journey with Johnny and the Ananda Yoga and Detox Center Team!
  • Blerina L wrote a review Apr 2018
    Yoga Teacher Training March 2018
    This was one of the best experiences of my life because of the people I was surrounded with every day for a month.

    Ananda is a nice place to stay, the staff is very polite and welcoming. I enjoyed my training on the big Yoga hall, but I wish they could have one more yoga hall for The yoga teacher training students. So that when other classes were happening, we could have our own place to practice. As the small Yoga teaching room often was closed.

    Every Sunday the owner of Ananda was organizing Kirtan that was a very special experience for me, calming, relaxing and we were so present during that time. Thank you.The food simply amazing and healthy and so so freshhhh.What can I say about my Guru Johnny. Well I have no words to describe his hard work, his persistence, and devotion to Yoga teacher training course.Everything was organized perfectly the teacher training manual, yoga classes, asana clinics, yoga anatomy, the patience with use who were not native English speakers. Also the support and patience I had from him from the very beginning, on collaborating together as my payment was a bit more complicated because of my scholarship with yoga alliance. I am forever grateful on that.I would give a special thank to Ali who is responsible for organizing mostly everything and was working every day so that our needs were meet to the best. Not to forget the meditation class and your class on energy and ajurveda amazingggggg.thank you for this extraordinary experience looking forward for YTTC 300.all the best Blerina, Kosovo<3
  • AlisaSu wrote a review Feb 2018
    Johnnys 200hr Teacher Training
    Johnny is the most phenominal teacher.
    The syllabus he created is honestly a masterpiece. You begin teaching from day 1 (yes, you can do it). There is a lot to learn and it is full on but if you read over your notes at night it all just falls into place, and its so exciting when you realise ‘i can do this’.

    Johnny asks us to read a book before you arrive: Tip- Read it! The Bhavagad Gita, super interesting book, making you look at the world in a different way. You want to read this before so you it doesn’t take time away from your other work.

    Also, there’s a sauna and a small salt water pool which is just a TREAT during breaks.As a human Johnny is just wonderful and really has put his everything into this course. He is present, and inspirational. And i wish i could relive the past 4 weeks because i was just so happy (especially when learning about the Rhomboids in anatomy).
  • Deborah L wrote a review Feb 2018
    Yoga Teacher Training in Jan 2018!
    This is a physically and mentally intense, action packed 4 weeks of immersion into all that is required to hone the skills necessary to teach a vinyasa class at the end of the program. Johnny, the yoga director is talented and caring as both a course facilitator and a yogi. He lives the yogic lifestyle and shares his love of what he does well! We were a large group of 20 people, with a variety of personalities which blended beautifully to create an unforgettable month and group experience! The course is well thought out and covers all of the key topics for a yogi, such as anatomy, 8 yoga sutras, study of the Bhagavad Gita and importantly the knowledge of many of the basic postures, Sanskrit names and the critical cues to help yogis find these shapes. I would highly recommend this course for yogis looking to deepen their own practice and importantly those who want to learn to teach yoga! You’ll feel confident to do so by the end.

    The accommodations, dorm rooms (only type available when I applied) were clean though lacked storage for your clothes. The beds are hard. Daily maid service was appreciated but I recommend bringing your own towel to supplement the one towel provided. The food was vegan and vegetarian and very tasty. Buffet style, there were plenty of veggies and fruit available and some of the traditional meals such as Pad Thai and Green curry. there were several ppl in our group with special dietary needs such as gluten and egg sensitivities and they were able to accommodate them. With any long term program the menu items became somewhat repetitive however there are neighbouring restaurants to provide occasional options.

    If you don’t have a fairly strong handle on English then this course will be very challenging for you (in my humble opinion.). My month with Johnny and my fellow yogis was a fantastic experience I shall never forget and one I’m very grateful I decided to undertake. On the fence….do it!!!!
  • Elise P wrote a review Feb 2018
    200hr teacher training Ananda pure yoga
    I just completed my TTC at Ananda and I highly recommend it; it is excellent.I did a lot of research before choosing the TTC and I would like to leave a more extended review for students considering Ananda, hopefully it helps you!

    Probably one of the best value for money there is. Lead trainer Johnny Nasello is professional, knowledgeable, inspiring, encouraging, and above all, non dogmatic. He gives you the tools to develop yourself as a yogi and to share your (new) skills with the students you will teach. Although the style is Aligment based, the training emphasis that there is no ‘wrong or right’, just different approaches of the same philosophy. Johnny encourages you to find solid answers to questions that future students might ask you.The daily scedule is structured and the overall program is well thought out. Johnny worked with 2 amazing assistents, the 3 of them made an excelllent team. We deepened our own practice, learned about correct alignment in many poses, learned to cue, observe and adjust students, and we practiced teaching from day one. Scary in the beginning, but we were all in the same journey and the environment couldn’t have been more encouraging. I leave the training feeling confident and ready to teach professionally, something I didn’t expect at all!

    I wanted to book a single room at Ananda but it was fully booked, so I stayed in a Bungalow for the entire month. I was very pleased; it is elevated and has a veranda (with hammock) and view and some privacy to rest and study. I read some less positive reviews about accomodation, I did’t regonize any of it. Very nice bed, tv (I haven’t used), bathroom, fridge, and closet to hang your clothes. The swimming pool is a bliss! There are also other nice places to chill out at the property. House keeping tidies the room every day, but the cleaning of the bath room could be improved.

    Very nourishing, tasty, and on time. It’s buffets style, enough for everyone, and almost vegan (only some egg). After a few weeks it got a bit repetitive. I was surprised to see quite a bit fried food.I was very glad I chose a training were food and accomodation was included, it would have been difficult going out for food 3 times a day when you’re in an intense training!If you would like to know more about my experiences, I’ll be happy to answer questions! I know chosing the right TTC can be a journey itself 🙂
  • mgss-ch wrote a review Dec 2017
    200hr YTT
    I completed the 200hr YTT course in Koh Phangan 2 weeks ago and am very happy to recommend the Hatha Alignment course run by Johnny Nasello to other future yoga teachers.

    There are so many centres offering yoga teacher training, it’s so hard to decide which to choose. I heavily researched many places before choosing Ananda and I was not disappointed – here’s why:-

    Training Methodology:
    Johnny has developed a robust, disciplined training programme. It covers all aspects of yoga, a foundation on classical yoga philosophy, lifestyle principles, physical (asanas and pranyamas), spiritual aspects, planning and organisation of yoga teaching, business guidance etc. It really delivers on producing confident, knowledgable and proficient teachers!

    Our group was small, which was fantastic, lots of personal guidance and support. Johnny’s background in PT/Fitness gives him a real edge. He ensures we not only learn how to run a class, but also correct positioning, how to make adjustments with anatomical understanding.

    Ananda Centre:
    The venue is lovely, great pool, rooms and food. However be prepared to work hard, get super fit and tone up! 12 hour days – so if you just choose Koh Phangan solely for the full moon party best go elsewhere!
    Johnny’s wife, Ali, is wonderful. She manages the courses, food, accommodation and so much more – to leave Johnny to focus on training.
    Contact her in advance if you have any questions.
  • lightdov1 wrote a review Aug 2017
    Yoga Teacher Training
    Yoga teacher training with Johnny was outstanding! If you are considering a 200 hour teacher training, I highly recommend you consider this program. Johnny is an incredible teacher who is clearly devoted to his students’ success. He shared his expertise with creativity and fun, while emphasizing proper yoga alignment. The curriculum is practical, comprehensive, and holistic. As much as you will learn about the practice of yoga on your mat, this training will encourage you to develop personally, off of your mat. You will feel prepared and confident to teach your first class by the end of this extraordinary 4 week journey. The resort and amenities were wonderful and the staff at Ananda went above and beyond to create a truly amazing experience. Koh Phangan is a beautiful island and the perfect setting for yoga training. I am extremely grateful that I invested in this program!
  • irislaakson wrote a review Jul 2017
    200h yoga techer training
    Training was exactly what I was looking for. Johnny was patient, fair and down to earth as a teacher and has a great knowledge about human body. The athmosphere between the students stayed clean and warm till the end of the training. Location is good and staff nice. The only problem was with the food as I have a very strict special diet because of a desease. The kitchen staff had no knowledge about this kind of things. Anyway, I can very highly recommend Johnnys 200h training! 🙂
  • Aoise N wrote a review Jun 2017
    Yoga Teacher Training
    For anyone out there looking to do a 200 hour teacher training, this is the place to do it! I had an amazing experience with wonderful teacher Johnny and his assistants Tonya and Jane. I couldn’t recommend it more. The staff are really friendly and helpful. The accommodation is simple and clean. In relation to less enthusiastic reviews I will say this – the price here is hard to beat and you are getting value for your money. If you are looking for 5 star accommodation then would recommend staying elsewhere. For the price – this is an excellent choice. For the yoga experience – this is an exceptional choice. You will feel at home!
  • Maricor T wrote a review Jun 2017
    Alignment-Based 200Hrs Yoga Teachers Training Met My Expectations and More
    I chose Ananda Wellness Resort for its alignment-based yoga teacher’s training. Johnny was a great teacher. There were topics which really piqued my interest and which I want to explore more such as a deeper research on anatomy and adjustments and breathing techniques. At the end of the training, I was better equipped at becoming a teacher with my knowledge on making my own asana overviews, general and peak pose sequence. Alignment was my first criteria next to the accommodation. It was not very expensive and with three free vegetarian meals. Some YTT only offers two meals. The meals can be so monotonous but if you’re doing an intensive course you’ll just eat anything. But I wish food is prepared more creatively and palatably. I love the saltwater pool however. There is also a beach across but the neighborhood dogs are so annoying they sit around you when you are eating or hover around you when you are walking in the nearby 711 store. I chose the cheapest room, I thought I would not get an AC but I did. There is only one lady who comes everyday to take rubbish, change towels, clean the toilet and sweep the floor. Beddings are changed every 2-3 days. I am satisfied with the room service, I also understand the predicament of the lady. Imagine doing everything alone by yourself? All the staff however are nice and friendly. At the end of the training, not only was I developed to become a good yoga teacher but I also learned not to make a fuzz with little things and instead save my energy on things that matters more to humanity.
  • RIvST wrote a review Jun 2017
    Yoga Teacher Training, it was great!
    I did my Yoga Teacher Training at Ananda in may 2017. I had an amazing time! The room I stayed in was clean & comfortable, the salt water swimming pool & herbal steam sauna so relaxing. I needed that from time to time, since the four weeks training really is intense. I considered everybody working at the resort to be extremely lovely! Johnny Nasello is the main teacher for the training. If you’re looking for somebody who can teach you everything about alignment, he’s your guy. We thoroughly went through a lot of poses and their adjustments. Of course, since it is a teacher training, we also spent a great deal of time on practicing how to teach. At first it felt really out of your comfort zone, but as the weeks progressed it was getting better and better. And now that my time at Ananda is over, I can honestly say that I feel capable, prepared and comfortable teaching a yoga class. Which in my opinion this training is all about. And honestly: “Great things never came from comfort zones”. We were a group of 18 people (me being the only male student, which didn’t bother me at all btw), and we had so much fun! They all are so special! I made memories here that I will cherish forever. I wish Ananda Resort and everybody who works there all the luck in the world! x Coco
  • ULaser wrote a review Jun 2017
    4 weeks at Ananda Wellness Resort
    This May, I enjoyed the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Johnny Nasello, assisted by Jane and Tonya. As expected, Johnny’s Hatha Yoga education was based on superb alignment instructions and Jane and Tonya were excellent assistants with expert eyes, good advice and encouragement!
    I was lucky to spend the month with a group of wonderful yogis from all over the world, all curious, eager to learn, to develop. The group experience was outstanding, as we were a kind of big family; all were supportive and caring towards each other.

    Ananda is a lovely low-budget accommodation with friendly staff.
    Unfortunately, the room service only cared to exchange the dust bin and the towel. Sometimes, toilet cleaning was included – if there was a cleaning service at all. Floor, sink and shower area have never even once been cleaned with water and cleaning agent during my stay. (The sink was cleaned on day 3 after I insisted, but never again by the staff).
    The food was very nice and healthy. I would have wished for less raw food in the evenings though, as the side-effects are not always welcome if you have to attend a class afterwards. A bit more creativity in serving different dishes as well as the incorporation of other fresh fruits besides watermelon, papaya, pineapple and banana day in day out would also place a smile on the face of long-term guests. There are many seasonal fresh fruits available at low price…

    I enjoyed A/C and fridge in my room but very often, the fuse tripped and had to be switched on at the main switch board by the staff. Very annoying if you are just having a shower…
    Laundry service is offered but can take a few days.
  • Lisa C wrote a review Jun 2017
    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme – Incredible, life-changing experience

    Sincere thanks to Johnny Nasello and our mentors, Tonya and Jane for a wonderful experience in the May 200h Alignment Hatha and Vinyasa Teacher Training at Ananda Resort. This training has been the greatest gift I ever gave myself and I am delighted to fully recommend Johnny’s course for those interested in adventures of life and yoga! I wrote some words trying to capture the fun and friendship of the training so I’ll share below…..

    Bring a pair of flip flops
    Your friendliest smile
    Some leggings and tshirts
    Your curious mind
    A journal and pen
    will record the bareness of your soul
    Tiger balm soothes the muscles
    of your playful inner child
    No need to bring a mat
    It’s okay you’re not a ‘pro’
    No need for props
    It’s okay if you’re not flexible
    Fall or you’re not trying
    Fail a thousand times
    Learn from the practice
    Honour your body and your mind
    Eat beautiful yogi food
    Prepared with loving hands
    Surrounded by the joy of nature
    Take time to relax and unwind
    Enjoy the Thai sun
    Make every raindrop come alive
    Let the sunset steal your breath
    Embrace the growth you feel inside
    Be open to learning
    Read and Listen with respect
    Enhance your own views
    Debate, critique and reflect
    Remember your inner strength
    Take a deep breath and smile
    Being present, not perfect
    Is going the extra mile
    Make Friends for Life
    Cherish, Laugh and Cry
    Learn from true Yogis
    It’s all about the journey
    As long as you have heart
    You’re never too old
    Set your gaze to what’s important
    Allow your truest self to unfold
    May All Be Happy
    May all find their Own Way
    With Love and Light
    Thank you and Namaste ❤
  • Loo852 wrote a review Jun 2017
    200hr Teacher Training- Rewarding and TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!
    I recently completed my 200hr YTT here at Ananda. First and foremost, I’d like to thank and praise our teacher Johnny Nasello for a challenging and rewarding one month of practice. Not only is he down to earth, approachable and selfless with his sharing of knowledge, he is able to make yoga accessible to everyone. He teaches an alignment focused course, which means that you and your future students will be able to maximise each pose for their intended purpose.

    It really doesn’t matter where you are in your practice, only that you have one. I came in thinking that I probably wasn’t strong or flexible enough to teach yoga, but with the knowledge of the right alignment and purpose of each pose you can still teach and practice effectively! Your practice will also develop no matter where your starting point is! Johnny reminds us that yoga is a never ending journey, and that even someone as advanced as himself is still refining and challenging his practice. He will help to add a new spice to your practice whether you’re a beginner or advanced.
    A quote that came up in our class from another student was “it’s not about touching your toes, but what you learn on the way down”, and Johnny exemplifies this.

    You will have A LOT of teaching practice and guaranteed to leave feeling confident to teach yoga to all levels.

    Johnny had two other assistant teachers Tonya and Jane who were invaluable to the course!The resort itself also adds so much positivity to the course. The food is fabulous, loads of fruit, tea, and vegetarian meals. The massaman curry is addictive. The staff are friendly and sure to make you feel at home! There’s a salt water pool, perfect to relax in in between classes, or in the evening. The rooms are spacious and clean! I stayed in a three person dorm room and was so surprised by the amount of space and cleanliness! The towels are changed almost everyday and the sheets every third day. There are two massages included in the teacher training package and once I had a massage there, I couldn’t stop! Im quite picky about massages, because they need to be precise and very strong. I found most other massage places to either be hard and hurtful, or just way too soft. I can’t recommend their massage more! The sunsets are breathtaking as well (and perfect for instagram opportunities)!If you’re looking for a challenging, practical, and down to earth teacher training experience, this is the place for you!
  • Eddy P wrote a review Apr 2017
    Yoga Teacher Training – Highly Recommended
    Whether your motivation is personal development or to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, Johnny Nasello’s Yoga TTC is worth the time, energy, and financial investment.The program is designed around a general hatha yoga sequence stemming from Iyengar’s lineage, which is heavily focused on precise, correct alignment using props including blocks and straps. This makes the teacher training program accessible to both beginner, and students who have a dedicated personal yoga practice.Our group of 14 was an eclectic mix of mothers, a couple, young men, and women. It was amazing to be apart of an international group of friends that progressively grew together as timid students to becoming confident yoga teachers.Our confidence came from hours of hands on practice practice-teaching, dozens of asana (posture) clinics that taught us how to get a student into correct shapes using simple verbal cues and adjustments. The clinics were very extensive and detailed giving you a strong foundation of knowledge to teach a class and/or enhance your personal practice.I can assure you, your perspective on yoga will drastically change. Not just in your physical practice on the mat, but on how you live your life, your expanded awareness, and human evolution.Thanks to the experienced, humble, caring and personable teachers, Johnny and his assistant Ginger; I completed the program feeling more grounded, focused, disciplined, with a higher standard for myself, and a deeper sense of integrity as a yogi.I look forward to meeting you one day when Johnny hosts a “Yoga Teacher Reunion” for all his past and future student teachers!
  • Mary B wrote a review Apr 2017
    Outstanding 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program
    I recently completed the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Ananda with Johnny Nasello as the lead instructor. It was an outstanding experience in terms of instruction, course organization and student expectations. It was a fine opportunity to learn how to instruct alignment yoga and I recommend the course, whether you want to teach yoga or deepen your own practice. The vegetarian food was consistently high caliber. I stayed in a bungalow and found that the extra space and privacy welcome for such an intense experience.
  • ansorobineau wrote a review Feb 2017
    Yoga Teacher Training & 7,5 days detox
    Amazing experience with the teacher training. Johnny was an incredible teacher from whom we got the chance to learn a great deal. We were 12 for the training, good group, great encounters and friendships. Johnny had two teacher assistants, Martha & Yafit, who were also of good advice when practice teaching in smaller groups. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in yoga and deepening their knowledge on the topic.
  • lukatraveltheworld wrote a review Feb 2017
    Yoga teacher training
    This is the place to be! Johnny is the best yoga teacher ever (and now a close friend and guru). The place is beautiful and the food awesome! Even if the sea there is not very swimable but they’ve got a nice pool and a great steamsauna. Everything about this place is just paradise!
  • Fleur T wrote a review Dec 2016
    Down to earth, practical, professional and unprejudiced Yoga TTC.
    I met Johnny back in May 2016 during a short visit to the island of Koh Phangan when a friend I met told me she was going to be teaching at Ananda, she was a relatively new teacher and Johnny was helping her with some tutelage. First I experienced one of the best yoga classes I have ever had with Johnny and secondly I was kindly invited to join in the lesson Johnny was giving to my friend on teaching, cueing and sequencing methods.The idea of doing my yoga teacher training at that point had been somewhat of a pipe dream. It wasn’t until I so thoroughly enjoyed Johnny’s incredible yoga classes and was able to experience a sample of his actual teaching strategy that I was certain I had to do my Yoga teacher training, even if it wasn’t with Johnny (because at that point he had not confirmed a course), the experience made me realise my dream. A few months later Johnny contacted me and told me of his official plans for the Yoga TTC in November, and so the journey begun!The yoga TTC was down to earth, practical, professional and unprejudiced. Johnny’s grounded, level headed manor and perspective provided our group with the support and stability we needed during such an intense and life changing experience. The lessons we learned and subjects covered were practical and useful. Though a lot of what we learned was transferrable to many aspects of life and personal growth, the core intention was always – to teach yoga and become yoga teachers. Something that I think could be lost in many TTC’s when not enough emphasis is placed on the actual art/skill of teaching. Johnny is professional and respectful always, he and his wife Ali (who manages the resort side of things) are a wonderful team, kind and caring while remaining professional, the perfect combo for a TTC! The course is Alignment Hatha, Vinyasa focused, though we also covered a number of other styles and I found it to be very unbiased which I really appreciated. It is unlimited to one specific school of yoga and Johnny encourages learning in all aspects and styles of yoga.The course has given me a really firm and broad base from which I am excited to grow my lifetime of learning from. It was a truly, life changing experience, I feel I have grown and developed in all directions and uncovered so much about myself. There is no more perfect quote to describe my experience of Johnny’s yoga TTC at Ananda than that in the Bhagavad Gita – ” Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”I encourage everyone who is considering yoga teacher training to take the jump! It is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.
  • Isabellette wrote a review Dec 2016
    I finally found my spot to deepen my Yoga Practice and do my 200h Teacher Training

    While traveling in Asia, I ended up on the small island of Koh Phangan trying to find a place to practice Yoga intensely. After trying several spots on the island I chose to stay and follow Johnny’s class twice a day. I’ve learned so much thanks to Johnny and will forever be grateful our paths crossed! It was so inspiring it also gave me the wish to complete the 200h Yoga Teacher Training with him, which I did, and I cannot but strongly recommend this place. Not only Ananda is an excellent Detox place, where you’ll be taken care of by professionals who know what they’re talking about, and will bring you all the attention and love needed to fulfill such an enterprise, but it is to me definitely the best place to do a Yoga retreat and Teacher Training. Johnny has a strong background of teaching more than 7000H, this make his alignment focused way of teaching clear, thorough, and mindful of security cues to protect the body from any injury while deepening your practice. I gained so much awareness of the body and understanding of the functioning of even the tinier muscles involved by following his teaching, and I also learned a lot about life in general as Johnny has a true gift when it comes to draw parallels between the practice on your mat and Life. Moreover, I definitely recommend the place as a resort, the staff is very friendly (special mention to the kitchen staff who were cooking for us very healthy food full of love), the room was simple but very clean, the sea-salt pool amazing! Thanks to the training, I gained so much more discipline, but I also made new friends that are like a new family to me now. This place feels like home and I miss my room number 12! I hope to be back very soon ❤ Thank you so much for everything ☀
  • yrossen74 wrote a review Dec 2016
    Best Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan!
    I recently completed an intensive month of Ananda’s Yoga Teacher Training. It was a life changing experience! I learned a lot about yoga and life, spending a month with amazing people from all around the world. The program is very intense, with activities beginning at 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Unlike other YTT, Ananda provides all meals during the day (breakfast, lunch & dinner), which is very convenient and tasty, especially after intensive training and studying. They also offer on-location accommodation (if you choose), which means students don’t have to waste time and energy on driving or dinning, and can focus all their energy and time on the course itself. Johnny is the heart of the YTT, He is a very special person, a true yogi that really lives the principles of yoga, respect and sensitive to others, and of-course a VERY professional yoga teacher with 11 years of experience. If you are looking for a non-commercial, non-synthetic template YTT, but something professional AND with a personal touch, this is the place for you! Good luck!
  • Lydia B wrote a review Dec 2016
    Yoga Teacher Training 2017
    I decided to complete this year my Yoga Teacher Training as I really loved Johnny’s class. This experience was one of the best experience I have done in a very long time. Ananda Resort is a gorgeous place. The people there are amazing and I felt like home for a month. This training overtook my expectations and I am very happy and grateful to Johnny for his knowledge, experience, openness, empathy and adaptability. I not only have a diploma now, I have friends for life after my training and I wish you the same great experience ! Namaste
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