How to Lead A Yoga Retreat – Step-By-Step

I will teach you how to lead a yoga retreat. I will walk you through everything, step-by-step, from conception to launch. Going on yoga retreats, to lead a yoga retreat… It’s just a LOT of fun! It’s one of the most exciting things to do as a yoga teacher, but just as important, leading yoga retreats is one of THE BEST ways to increase the income in your yoga business.

I'll Show You Exactly How to Lead A Yoga Retreat

Retreats have the potential to bring in thousands of dollars in new revenue to your yoga business. For your first retreat, we’re going to keep it modest and close to home. This is for you to have the right experience and a success before fulfilling your dreams of exotic destinations, white sands, and coconuts. You’ll receive all the tools you need for a memorable yoga escape that you can put on repeat.

This will happen over 4 coaching calls. We’ll email and text daily, you’ll receive the spreadsheets that I’ve created and used to keep track of everything. I’ll also give you the email templates to communicate with your students and potential venues, and quite literally walk you through everything up to the point where you launch your first retreat.

When this coaching program is complete, you will know exactly how to lead a yoga retreat, and you can use this process over and over.

How Much Money Can You Make Leading Retreats?

The short answer is, A LOT!

In just 4 weekends, 12 nights total, you can bring in an entire year’s worth of income equivalent to teaching only drop-in classes.

In the graph below, I’ve compared income results calculated from 4 weekend retreats to the income you would make per year if you taught 10 classes per week, 2 privates per week, and 2 workshops per month. What would typically be the workload for a full time yoga teacher.

Regular Income - 365 days
Retreat Income - 12 days

Just 4 weekend retreats per year (12 days total) can add 30% or more of your annual income.

Hypothetical annual gross income of a yoga teacher in their second year of teaching full time:

  • 10 classes per week
  • 2 privates per week
  • 2 workshops per month
  • 4 weekend retreats per year

Classes – 39% of income
10 classes per week x $35 per class x 52 weeks


Privates – 15% of income
2 Privates per week x $70 per private x 52 weeks

  • $7,280

Workshops – 15% of income
2 Workshops per month with 15 students each x $20 per student x 12 months

  • $7,200

Retreats – 31% of income
4 Weekend Retreats (3 nights) per year with 8 students each x $450 per student

  • $14,400

Annual Gross Income

The estimated amounts will vary depending on location of residence.

Retreat income could be considerably more if you can sell out longer retreats at higher price points.


The Results You'll Receive From How to Lead A Yoga Retreat

I’ll support you through every step. By the end of this Coaching Program, you will be ready to put a retreat on your calendar and enroll students in a memorable yoga holiday.

  • Location Planning

    Learn how to find the right location for your next retreat with everything you need to provide your students with an amazing yoga weekend.

  • Pricing Retreats

    I'll show you how to set your pricing so that every person who attends over your minimum required limit is all profit for you.

  • Structure & Organize

    I'll coach you on how to organize your retreat with the right balance of classes, activities, and free time for your students to enjoy.

  • Theme & Experience

    Learn how to prepare an overall theme for your retreat to establish deeper purpose and connection for all who attend your event.

  • Market & Promotion

    Learn the best promotional techniques for your tribe, so that you'll be sure to reach everyone who is interested in attending your retreat.

  • Satisfied Students

    I'll coach you on how to ask for reviews and referrals, so that your satisfied students will tell their friends and refer others.

Learn How to Lead A Yoga Retreat From Experience

With Over A Decade Of Proven Experience, I Am Prepared To Help You Achieve Your Goals, And Beyond.

Expand on what you’re already doing. Offer Retreats to your students for a truly memorable yoga experience, and finally step into your full potential as a professional yoga teacher.

Grow into a fully realized teacher. Retreat income can literally add thousands to your annual earnings, and they are THE MOST fun way to teach and connect with your students.


There are 2 prerequisites for joining this Coaching Program. You’ll need a base level of experience, to ensure your success. Meet this base criteria, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be ready to host your first retreat in 4 weeks.

  • You have completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training.
  • You have been regularly teaching weekly for over 1 year.

Coaching Availability

Here is my general pending availability for this program. We will confirm together via email or Clarity Call the best times for our 4 coaching calls.

Days USA Pacific European Central Australian WST

Student Trust

Maddy Jones

“I have invested in a lot of different mentors over the years and what really sets Johnny apart is that he is incredibly good at teaching you how to teach”

Maddy Jones


Ready To Take Yoga On The Road? I’ll Show You How!

When you’re ready to Grow your yoga business and lead Retreats for your students, add this Coaching Program to your cart or schedule a call with me to find out more!

Ready to Grow?

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