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You have insight and commitment. And so much to offer to your students!
This is deep work—smartly designed for you to make into your own yoga teaching and practice. Our One-on-One programs will compliment what you already have going on, and propel you over the next bumps in your career and practice. And we’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

Yoga Teacher Training

These yoga teacher training courses are structured with love and passion for the practice of yoga, its history, and its lineage. “Teacher Training” is at the core of these offerings, but you’ll leave with so much more… A deeper understanding of the underlying philosophical principles that will literally transform your life, as well as the lives of your future students!

Online Courses

Our online yoga courses are focused on helping yoga teachers advance their careers and personal practice. Learn how to explore the subjects that you’re passionate about, and how to relay that information to your students.

Single Yoga & Meditation Classes

Our online yoga and meditation classes are skillfully structured to take you deep into your practice. Stream them into your home yoga space. Move through an intermediate practice, or settle into deep relaxation. All classes also give you access to our peer group forum and instructor instant messenger.


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