General Sequence Intermediate Vinyasa

I combined a voice recording from one of my general sequence classes with a video of myself practicing to the recording. This is a mixed level, full spectrum intermediate vinyasa style class. We will go through most pose categories and ranges of motion. There is a little bit of something here for everyone.

General Sequence

There is a set yoga sequence that I teach in my 200 Hour Teacher Training that I call the “General Sequence”.

We use this general sequence as a framework for the course. The students learn how to instruct every pose of the general sequence: clearly, precisely, and directly. They learn the contraindications and misalignments of the poses, and how to modify and adjust them to a full range of bodies and practitioners.

My students learn about the muscles groups that should be prepared for better success in these shapes, and how to use this understanding to eventually help their students perform poses safely and conscientiously.

Best Yoga Teacher Training

Students learn how to modify this general sequence from a 90 minute to a 75 minute and to a 60 minute class, so that they moment they graduate the course they have a solid sequence to walk into a studio with and audition for a teaching position.

It’s also a handy and versatile sequence to pull out in a pinch if their called in to substitute teach a class, and they haven’t otherwise prepared anything.

Graduates of the course love walking into a studio to teach their first classes with a sequence that they feel really prepared to teach, and knowledgeable of. We also cover peak pose sequencing, and restorative and yin approaches.

My goal at the end of my training is to release to release teachers into the world that can immediately go and teach with confidence and competence. Teaching asana is the first thing that new yoga teachers do, and it’s my intention to prepare them to do this well.

Is there a yoga teacher training course in your future?

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