How to Practice Bhramari Pranayama – Humming Bee Breath

Here is a video clip of the instructions on how to practice Bhramari Pranayama or the Humming Bee Breath.
Practice with me!

This video is a clip from my Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.

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Instructions for Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama:

  • Helps reduce anger and frustrations. The vibration of the humming sound creates a soothing effect on the mind and nervous system, relieving tension, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Speeds up the healing of body tissue, and postoperative patients benefit greatly. Helpful in pregnancy and childbirth. Eliminates throat ailments, and strengthens and improves the voice. Enhances memory and concentration. Induces a meditative state by harmonizing the mind and directing awareness inward.

Contraindications of Bhramari Pranayama:

  • Do not practice if you suffer from severe ear infection. Stop if you feel dizzy at any point.


  • Technique 1: Humming sound during exhalation.
    • Stage 1 – Close your eyes. Relax your jaws with the lips gently closed, and teeth slightly separated. Close the ears by pressing the tragus (flap on the front-inside of your ear) with your index finger. Bring awareness to the center of your head. Inhale through the nose. While exhaling slowly, produce a deep, steady humming sound. Be aware of the continuous sound in the head. Keep the humming smooth and even during the duration of the exhalation. Repeat for a set number of rounds (5-11).
    • Stage 2 – Perform Ujjayi during inhalation.
      • Repeat for a set number of rounds, or up to half an hour.
  • Technique 2: Same as Technique 1, but with inhalation retention. Retain the breath inside with awareness at ajna chakra.
    • Gradually increase the duration, yet avoid strain during the retention.
  • Technique 3: Same as previous techniques, with jalandhara and mula bandha.
  • Technique 4: Same as previous techniques, with shanmukhi mudra.
    • All of the bhramari techniques can use shanmukhi mudra.

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