Student Testimonials Video – Yoga Teacher Training

Student Testimonials video – students from over 40 different countries have graduated from my yoga teacher training course. Here are some comments about the teacher training straight from the students themselves.

Transcript - Student Testimonials

I would definitely recommend this teacher training. It’s been really well thought through and put together in a really organic way so you just flow through the learning process, and it gives you a lot of tools on how to keep learning on your own and how to put together classes.

I really feel like I learned a lot and I could actually go teach. For sure I just need to practice teaching, but I really feel like I have all the tools I need to be able to do that.

Develop the Confidence to Teach Yoga Classes

Yeah I can definitely say that when I go back home I’m going to feel confident in my classes. The one thing I thought was awesome, and even when I was referred to this course I was told that a lot of other yoga schools don’t really even though they’re teaching you the curriculum you’re not getting the experience of actually teaching, so going out into the real world and just being thrown into a class and being able to teach it is like a really scary thing.

From day one Johnny gave us the opportunity to do practice teaching.

I really enjoyed that from day one Johnny gave us the opportunity to do practice teaching. Since day one, we’ve been practicing since we got here, and I feel like that’s something that definitely makes me feel really confident to go back home and to be able to teach other people and share what I’ve learned.

A Well-Structured Course Syllabus

Johnny repeats that a few times that we know so much more than we think, because you practice yoga every day and with every practice you learn so much you have it. You hear these words again and again and again. He thinks it through so much, like at which point we have which lecture and at which point we learn what, and which asana.

It makes so much sense without you would need to do a lot of extra. Besides the course like it just builds up perfectly and in the end you can do it. In the end of the course when you just follow what Johnny says, you stand there in front of a class and you teach it.

Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the Foundations and Core of Yoga

Yeah, I definitely feel the course is preparing me to teach yoga. I feel like I can walk into a classroom and teach a class. I feel confident in myself. I would definitely recommend this program. The setup that Johnny has here is really great for someone who really wants to learn the foundations and core of yoga and like what it’s really about.

He has a really great teaching style, great team. I would absolutely recommend this program because firstly Johnny really knows his stuff, and you can see his love for yoga and not just the physical practice but also the lifestyle. But then at the same time, he’s completely grounded. He creates amazing sequences. You can see that he’s studied and is constantly seeking information, staying up to date and then he’s happy to share all that information. He’s got a good knowledge of anatomy, which I love. I really like anatomy.

Down to Earth Yoga Teacher

Johnny is a very grounded and very realistic teacher. So he explains all the stuff, even the spiritual stuff which belongs to yoga, but he does it in such a grounded, realistic and logical way, and everything he says is so thought through that he’s just such a great teacher and that’s the main thing.

Why would I recommend this training? I would definitely recommend this program to people because Johnny, the main teacher, is very knowledgeable, and he knows exactly how to teach people. He’s a very logical and thorough person. So he will guide you step by step on how to become a teacher, and after the program is finished you know. You’re very confident to teach other people, and the most important thing is that he’s very down to the earth and I would totally be confident that I can go straight in and teach people.

Spiritual and Physical Yoga - Both Sides

I would definitely recommend this program. I myself was recommended this program by a friend that I know, and I had looked into a bunch of different courses to kind of just get my own insight on different courses that I could take. I ended up choosing this one not just because of my friend mentioning it, but just doing my own research and I can definitely say from experience I would recommend it to anyone else.

I feel like you get a really good aspect of both the fitness side of yoga, and the more spiritual side as well. So it’s not steered toward one side so you get both aspects of learning which I really enjoyed about the program. It prepared me to teach. Initially I wasn’t really planning to teach. It was more to better my own practice, but um somewhere it kind of created this passion in me to teach.

Ready to Teach Upon Graduation

It’s quite an intense training. This quiet environment gives you the opportunity to just sink in and take in the knowledge that whatever Johnny has talked to. So I think it’s definitely helpful and I think I made a very smart choice.

I’m actually gonna start working as a yoga teacher straight away in a resort in Cambodia, and I’m very very excited. I’m very happy. There’s a little stage by the ocean where I’m going to teach. This course grounded me so much. In others what I experienced before, in yoga, like it brought me down so much I have so many clear visions now.

Maybe it sounds weird, but I really feel so much more grounded and so much more confident in what i want to do, and in my way, and that this is right.

Surround Yourself With People Who Love Life


Everybody should have this experience in their life because you’re going to surround yourself with people who love life, and who cherish everything in their life which is so rare in our society these days.

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