Peak Pose Sequencing – Yoga Teacher Workshop

One of my favorite ways to teach a yoga class is the peak pose sequence. It is also a fun way to practice. By teaching a progressive sequence, you will be able to accommodate a wide range of skills and abilities in each yoga class. Those not yet ready for the peak pose will have plenty to work on, and those students who may be ready, will have options for more challenging pose variations.

Peak Pose Sequencing Workshop

In this yoga teacher’s workshop, you will learn how to create a peak pose sequence for any yoga pose, and for any level of class. You will learn a systematic approach to examine the key actions of a yoga pose, and progressively sequence related poses in a manner that prepares your students to open up and expand their practice.

Workshop Includes:

  • 90 Minute Peak Pose Class
  • Breakfast at Ananda’s Love Kitchen
  • 2 Hours of Informative Lecture

90 Minute Peak Pose Class

A 90 minute Intermediate (Level 2) Alignment/Hatha Yoga class based around a peak pose that we’ll open up to in a progressive, systematic way. We’ll use this class as the basis of conversation in the 2 hour lecture.

Breakfast at Ananda’s Love Kitchen

After the yoga class, enjoy a healthy vegetarian yogi breakfast buffet at Ananda’s Love kitchen. Enjoy the morning view’s of the Gulf of Thailand, and take in the fresh air with other yogis prior to the lecture.

2 Hours of Informative Lecture

We’ll dissect the 90 minute class, evaluate the peak pose, and explore how all of the other poses in the class were structured in a way that prepared the students for their expressions of the shape. By following this technique, you’ll be prepared to create your own peak pose sequences for your students around any yoga pose. Before you go, we’ll put it into practice as we build a peak pose sequence as a group.

Where: Ananda Yoga & Detox Center
When: Saturday 11th of March, 2017, 8:00am to 1:00pm
Cost: 1500 Baht

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