New Yoga Courses Featuring Our Students

We have a new course out now, and it’s the first of new yoga courses, classes, and workshops that will feature the teaching of teachers we’ve trained. “New Beginnings – Yoga to Let Go and Make Space” is a beautifully themed and presented 4 week course that guides the practitioner in setting the intention and foundation for new beginnings.

Featuring Marina Beyer

Marina Beyer is a certified and experienced Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher, currently based in Berlin. You can find her online as Sweaty Cat Yoga.

She’s been teaching studio classes, corporate office classes as well as tailored private one-on-one sessions and online yoga courses since she completed our 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2017.

She offers a hatha & vinyasa style, with lots of room to explore what feels good for you. In her classes, you can expect clear instructions and modifications for a safe practice, suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

New Beginnings - Yoga to Let Go and Make Space

New Beginnings – Yoga to Let Go and Make Space is a course about new beginnings & fresh starts, about letting go of the Old in order to make space for the New.

Included in this course:

  • 4 Week Practice Outline
  • 5 Yoga Class Videos
  • 4 Audio Meditations
  • 28 Daily Affirmations
  • Access to Group Forums
  • Direct Communication Access to the Instructor

In this class you’ll flow through a gentle Vinyasa, with focus on mindful movement, hip opening poses and releasing tension in the body, especially the legs and hips.

While hip opening poses are a lovely way to stretch those groups of muscles that can get tight from sitting a lot, they can also help you connect to yourself on a deeper level.

Release what is no longer serving you: tension in your physical body, as well as emotions or patterns that you have been holding onto for a little too long. Breathe deeply, soften and surrender!


In this sequence you’ll playfully explore how to find your balance, physically on the yoga mat and maybe even mentally or emotionally.

Expect an energizing and uplifting Vinyasa flow full of dynamic moves, juicy twists and fun balancing poses. No need to master these, or get it all “perfect”!


This class starts with a short awareness exercise and breathwork and leads up to a dynamic full body stretch: You’ll strengthen the muscles in your back, release tension in the shoulders, stretch the hips and legs and build some core strength and heat in the body.

Collect new energy and stretch the whole body with this dynamic flow. This sequence will leave you feeling fully stretched and glowing from inside!


Wanna try something new? You may be familiar with the Sun Salutations but have you ever heard of the Moon Salutations?

Whereas the Sun Salutations heat the body the Moon Salutations are ideal to wind down after a long day. Expect a gentle Slow-Flow class that focuses on creating space with side stretches and heart opening poses in combination with a deep and steady rhythm of breathing.

Time to explore, move, surrender! Make space for the new – in the body, mind and heart.


In this dynamic Vinyasa class you’ll build some heat in the body with energizing flows, deep twists and on top of it all you’ll meet a fluffy cat called Wanda.

Course Instructor
Marina Felkl

Sweaty Cat Yoga

Marina Beyer

Johnny Nasello Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate based in Berlin+London

More Yoga Courses Coming Soon

We’re excited to be a platform where the graduates of our teacher trainings can offer their yoga courses, classes, and workshops. We’re proud of the teachers that they’ve become, and we know that they offer exceptional yoga! 

We can’t wait to showcase more of their talents to you, and when you enroll in one of these courses, the proceeds go directly to these teachers. We’ll see you on the mat!


Enroll Now: New Beginnings – Yoga to Let Go & Make Space

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